What kind of experience is it to use a vertical advertising machine
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What kind of experience is it to use a vertical advertising machine

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-10-28 09:06:46
At present, more and more commercial centers, large supermarkets, entertainment places, high-end office buildings and other places use vertical advertising machines. It is usually placed in the stairwell, elevator room, gate, store and other positions, with the functions of guidance, query, advertising and so on. So what kind of experience is it to use these vertical advertising machines? We analyze the different experiences of these two groups from the perspective of consumers and businesses.
Experience brought by vertical advertising machine to consumers:
1. Consumers can receive the location, new product information, promotion activities and other information of businesses from the information released by the vertical advertising machine;
2. Various promotional advertisements broadcast by vertical advertising machines can enhance consumers' impression and be more easily accepted;
3. The advertisements broadcast by the vertical advertising machine are vivid and attractive, so that consumers can enjoy a certain degree of comfort in terms of vision and hearing;
Experience brought by vertical advertising machine to merchants:
1. Through the vertical advertising machine to display the business's corporate image and spiritual outlook, let consumers have a deeper impression of the business and expand the brand influence of the business;
2. Display commodities through vertical advertising machines, so that consumers can have a deeper understanding of commodities and worry free shopping;
3. Through the vertical advertising machine, businesses can centrally manage information release, and control the playing content and playing time of all content.
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