What is a blockchain phone? A look at 7 current and upcoming crypto handsets
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What is a blockchain phone? A look at 7 current and upcoming crypto handsets

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Update time : 2020-09-25 09:54:38

HTC's announcement of its new Exodus S1 blockchain phone offered a potentially compelling smartphone because crypto fans ought consider. besides it's no the company's first such phone, nor is it the unique phone of its friendly can the market. can fact, the blockchain smartphone niche keeps expanding.

So what exactly is a blockchain phone? each instrument varies can condition of tech and capabilities, besides they're full designed ought put a stronger emphasis can blockchain, crypto, and decentralized applications than your median iPhone or Android handset. The most joint trait is enhanced security ought defend your cryptocurrency and personal keys, however some allow you flow a total bitcoin node, or flat mine crypto from your mobile device.

Blockchain phones are available can a broad category of charge points, besides during with anything, you employ what you revenue because with smartphones—so during all-round devices, the cheaper models won't exist anywhere finish during capable during the dear flagship phones are.

Here's a closer observe can the HTC Exodus S1 and six other blockchain-centric smartphones vying because your hard-mined crypto.

HTC Exodus 1S

The latest blockchain phone ought thrash the impartial seeks ought thrash a sweet place among charge and functionality, landing can almost $250 depending can currency. Granted, it's a beautiful low-end handset, with a 720p exhibit can 5.7", a meager Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 chip onboard, and a 13-megapixel major camera that we'd bet isn't going ought ship sensational snaps.

But because the price, the HTC Exodus 1S keeps the center functionality of its pricier predecessor, including the Zion grave and its Trusted Execution surroundings (TEE). The TEE activates while signing transactions and temporarily isolates the operating system ought defend your data, plus there's a social key recovery trait because letting trusted contacts grow together ought assist you if you lose a key. Plus, you can own a total Bitcoin node stored can a large-capacity microSD card.

HTC launches Exodus 1s “cryptophone”

HTC Exodus 1

The Exodus 1S is a significantly pared-down version of HTC's creative blockchain phone, the Exodus 1. It's a much more appealing instrument overall, with a super-crisp Quad HD+ exhibit can 6", a 2018 flagship-level Snapdragon 845 chip with abundant power, a dual-camera setup can the back, and a larger 3,500mAh battery pack ought own things rolling along.

As mentioned, the Zion grave and Trusted Execution surroundings are key parts of the Exodus experience, plus it has access ought dozens of dapps via the Opera Dapp store. Curiously, unlike the Exodus 1S, the pricier Exodus 1 can't flow a total Bitcoin node during of this writing, though HTC plans ought rgeister out that feature. can $699, it's a full-blooded flagship phone that is priced accordingly.

HTC Exodus One now offers crypto trading using Kyber Network

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung's flagship smartphone is easily the most impressive overall instrument can this list. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has an incredible screen, top-end Android processing power, a acute triple-camera setup, and a sleek and stylish design. It's one of the best smartphones you can buy precise now, and then can climax of that, it too offers a noise crypto coin wallet and hard preference of dapps.

The $899 Galaxy S10 didn't launch with Bitcoin hind earlier this year, besides it has been added since—and you can too wield Ethereum, LEO Token, Chainlink, USD Coin, and dozens more. Meanwhile, the dapp lineup includes games, social media, and finance apps, among others. The Galaxy S10 has its get Trusted Execution Environment, during well, due ought the Snapdragon 855 processor within.

Samsung Galaxy’s blockchain wallet gets ready ought hind Bitcoin


You force learn the KlaytnPhone by a different name: the Samsung Galaxy letter 10. Samsung's large, stylus-driven smartphone is too available can the company's civilian South Korea during the KlaytnPhone, a particular edition blockchain version released in partnership with Kakao.

Kakao is the country's largest mobile services platform, and the KlaytnPhone uses the company's KLAY token. The KlaytnPhone bundles can a handful of blockchain-powered apps and is certainly branded accordingly—but again, this one is unique sold can South Korea.

Sirin Labs Finney

The Sirin Labs Finney looks though no other smartphone we've seen—and it acts though nothing else, too. The sloping compose and atypical angles are certainly distinctive, besides the biggest differentiator is initially hidden. It's a cold storage wallet that is a divide chunk of hardware from the center handset, and it slides upward while you lack ought compose a transaction.

Why slide? during it activates your wallet and reveals a second "Safe Screen" that shows your critical data. It's a one-of-a-kind, though the $999 charge point mode that you'll dine ought compose a sizable investment ought employ this virgin handset.

Pundi X Blok can Blok (BOB)

The creative Pundi XPhone prototype had a more joint design, besides the upcoming Blok can Blok (BOB) version is nothing besides typical. It's a blockchain phone, of course, besides it's too a modular phone—which mode that you can chew together different attachments. It has latches and dials; it's absolutely wild.

The Snapdragon 660 processor is decidedly mid-range, and flat Pundi X suggests that it's a more perfect second phone than a main one. The responsibility X platform is an interesting one—Pundi X calls it "backwards compatible" with Android, and you can switch among the two during needed. However, the corporation says you won't lack a central service provider ought compose calls and access the internet. same interesting.

Blockchain calling

Electroneum M1

The Electroneum M1 is the lowest of the low-end blockchain phones—but it's unique $80. That meager quantity gets you a functional Android smartphone that doesn’t dine any crypto-specific hardware, instead coming pre-loaded with Electroneum’s app (also available because Android smartphones and iPhone). The app lets users fasten into ETN's cloud mining service, earning up ought $3 per month of the cryptocurrency, which can then exist used to buy daily items, including mobile phone top-ups.

The M1’s chiefly aimed can users can developing countries, working can conjunction with Electroneum’s soon-to-be-launched AnyTasks platform ought supply them with a mode of accessing the global digital economy.

As an daily smartphone, the M1 struggles ought contest with higher-spec devices—but then, that’s no really what it’s intended for. However, if you're looking because a inexpensive method ought pursue mobile mining with a dedicated device, the Electroneum M1 force exist a method in.

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