What are the unique aspects of vertical advertising machine?
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What are the unique aspects of vertical advertising machine?

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-10-29 09:29:41
Some customers have such questions. As we all know, vertical advertising machines have been widely used, such as in large shopping centers, supermarkets, hotel halls, restaurants, cinemas and other public places with large traffic. For the purpose of publicity in special areas and the use of large screen terminal display equipment to convey advertising information to special people, the uniqueness of vertical advertising machine is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Wide audience
Many mobile groups are the biggest advantage of the audience of vertical advertising machines, which makes advertising machines have a broad living space without worrying about being squeezed by traditional TV. The system can be extended to urban public transport, subway, taxi and even train. I believe you already know how high the potential commercial value is.
2. Instant messaging
Traditional advertisements must be viewed in a fixed area. It's a luxury for people who are busy working during the day. With the emergence of vertical advertising machines, mobile users can watch and obtain more and more updated information anytime and anywhere, which greatly meets the information needs of the fast-paced society and enriches the cultural life.
3. Internal accessibility
The information release system of vertical advertising machine is built by the enterprise itself. The audience does not need to increase personal investment and consumption costs, but only need to focus on resources, which is easy for the public to accept. In view of this, the popularization of the equipment is a profitable and socially beneficial business.
4. Make the most of your information
How to make the existing information serve the majority of people and produce the greatest economic and social benefits has always been the concern and thinking of the media. The use of information by traditional TV media is far from its due value. On the contrary, emerging advertising machines can maximize the use of information and maximize its value.
5. High cost performance
Advertisers need the most cost-effective advertising to deliver product or brand information to the most targeted customers. Vertical advertising machine can be said to provide advertisers with a new and better choice.