What are the functions and applications of the information touch screen kiosk
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What are the functions and applications of the information touch screen kiosk

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-15 15:04:04
 the concept of "self-service terminal" has been popular for a long time. We have seen it used in banks, enterprise halls, libraries and other areas, but the concept of "self-service terminal" has not found a suitable hardware platform to realize its functional value.
As a platform for information publication and query, the traditional "self-service terminal" will use the combination of information query system and desktop computer, with a complete set of cumbersome hardware and software system, with complex operation, single function and low work efficiency.
Touch query all-in-one machine, an emerging high-tech product integrating TV, computer, multimedia audio, Internet services and other equipment, is a new choice for information query platform with the characteristics of smooth operation and powerful function.
The touch inquiry machine has beautiful appearance and exquisite materials. The appearance, material and process of sheet metal baking paint are not only beautiful, but also durable. As a public area, it can withstand repeated use and the brand is guaranteed.
For the information touch screen kiosk, functional usability is the most important part. It can query and consult conveniently and quickly, provide functional efficiency, provide information display and query platform for government enterprises and institutions, and improve functional image.
The information touch screen kiosk is equipped with high-definition LCD screen and industrial brand led hard screen to ensure high-definition imaging. Combined with infrared true multi-point touch technology, the operation is smooth and accurate. Click operation, multi-point operation and picture amplification, stretching and shrinking are all easy.
The high-quality hardware foundation is not enough to reflect the core value of the information touch screen kiosk. Only when equipped with information query touch software can the function application of the information touch screen kiosk be reflected to the greatest performance.
Therefore, selecting a manufacturer with both hardware and software strength can ensure the product quality and after-sales service of the information touch screen kiosk. Information query is not only the function of providing professional query, but also a model platform for the image display of relevant enterprises and institutions.. Guangzhou Shuyong, a well-known brand of the latest touch query all-in-one machine, has mastered the core touch screen equipment technology.