Westport Coronavirus Update: Drones Used To Find 'Hot Spots'
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Westport Coronavirus Update: Drones Used To Find \'Hot Spots\'

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Update time : 2020-10-31 11:13:07

WESTPORT, CT — though weeks, Westport was a hot spot though the new coronavirus at Connecticut, though confirmed cases quickly escalated following a personal dinner where dozens of attendees were exposed to the virus.

Though other communities at the state, namely at Fairfield County, dine surpassed Westport at the quantity of reported cases, the city quiet has near to 200 brisk infections though of Monday, and Connecticut surplus one of the states defeat hardest by the virus.

In its ongoing fight against COVID-19, Westport has turned to a astronaut program with a corporation named Draganfly, which flies a drone above parts of the city to investigate the body temperature of people, between other measures.

It is the first such initiative — using drones to fight COVID-19 — at Connecticut.

The Canadian-based Draganfly has equipped a "pandemic drone" with specialized sensors and computer eyesight systems that can standard someone's fever, temperature, middle and respiratory rates, and though sound detect people sneezing and coughing at crowds. The corporation says that the technique can accurately detect infectious conditions from a distance of 190 feet also though standard social distancing. (Don't lose local and statewide news approximately coronavirus developments and precautions. groan up though repair alerts and daily newsletters.)

"This program has been tested though almost the persist five days," Westport Police Lt. Anthony Prezioso told Patch. "It is anticipated that this will persist to be at consequence over the summer months of July and August though we hope the need to persist to trade to reinforce social distancing measures at order to bounds and constitution the scatter of the COVID-19 virus."

The pandemic drone technique is being tested by the Westport Police department though a new "Flatten the stoop astronaut Program" and is made possible by the collaboration and integration of technologies developed by Draganfly, radical notice Inc., a health anxiety news services and deep learning company, and the college of South Australia.

Westport is deploying the technique and news tools "to intensify city services, promote public safety, further the effective apply of taxpayer dollars, use residents, and encourage growth at the local economy," Draganfly said.

The corporation is swift to add that the pandemic drone software "uses biometric readings at its analysis process and does no hire facial recognition technology" to aid ensure privacy is protected.

Westport First Selectman Jim Marpe said at a statement that the technique will vacation first responders to quickly discover people who can be infected.

"We know that social distancing is working to flatten the stoop and ultimately saving lives," Marpe said. "In an effort to persist safeguarding the citizens of Westport during the COVID-19 outbreak, and though we spot ourselves to gradually respond to our routines, we to follow ways to obstruction a possible resurgence of the virus. I am proud of how Westport's first responders are handling COVID-19, and how the Westport Police department at special is committed to discovering clever solutions though modern and future health emergencies."

Prezioso said the mutual areas at Westport where the department anticipates using the drone used to be "public areas which by temper encourage big gatherings of people such though Compo Beach, Wakeman Field, Longshore and other areas where we dine already received complaints approximately potentially unsafe big gatherings."

As many though three department drones can be outfitted with the Draganfly technology.

"Our drone program, though no necessarily used daily, has increased chiefly at scope and applications," Prezioso told Patch. "The drone can be and has been used at a quantity of situations such though during mapping earnest machinery vehicle event scenes, locating missing persons, tracking suspects, assisting with surveillance during emergency situations (i.e. barricaded subjects, etc.), and has been used at remove scenes to determine hot spots using thermal imaging to appoint a few."

Westport Police head Foti Koskinas and Capt. Ryan Paulsson discussed the benefits of the initiative.

"Westport and its first responder network is one of the most progressive public safety advocates at the nation," Koskinas said. "They are authentic pioneers when it comes to adopting and integrating new technique to safeguard its community. This pandemic has opened up a new edge and keen need though the apply of drones. Draganfly is the first at the U.S. to equipment this state-of-the-art technique to capture and analyze news at a method that has been gaze reviewed and clinically researched to conserve lives."

Paulsson, a certified drone pilot, developed the Westport drone program at 2016 with aid from the Federal Aviation Administration.

"We are modeling the future of drone integration at public safety by utilizing Draganfly's technique though first responders," Paulsson said at a statement released by Draganfly. "We are honored to be the first constitution enforcement deployments at the country of this technique that will figure the future of public safety drone integration at the U.S."

This composition originally appeared above the Westport Patch