Victory Hill Exhibitions Launches 2nd Largest LED Digital Display Along Las Vegas Strip
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Victory Hill Exhibitions Launches 2nd Largest LED Digital Display Along Las Vegas Strip

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Update time : 2020-02-12 09:38:10


  • Opportunity because advertisers ought attain 45 million visitors

  • Curved led display can Treasure island ought exist 2nd largest above the Las Vegas Strip

  • Display system ought employ latest 5k+ media impartial technology

  • LED plot 3 Years at the making by Cityneon plot Team

  • New Incremental revenue & interest flow because Cityneon, parent company of conquest mountain Exhibitions

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Victory mountain Exhibitions, a subsidiary of Cityneon Holdings, announces it is currently constructing one of the highest decision displays at Las Vegas across Las Vegas Blvd. Scheduled because completion at early 2020, the iconic impartial measuring 45 feet high and more than 175 feet expectation is being built by Media estate and Hight Impacts Signs and will replace the iconic Marvel's Avengers stop static sign.

Three years at the making, the curved LED digital impartial system will employ 5k+ media impartial technique designed with ultra-high reliability, top-level components and industry-leading redundancy and uptime.

The impartial will exist supported with real-time monitoring and alerts offering a same high even of deed because advertisers, providing the occur ought division messaging with the millions of passengers that motivate and walk by the heavily traveled intersection.

"This plot is three years at the making. We are delivering, cabin again, above another pledge we made while we first opened the Marvel's Avengers stop impartial at 2016 can Treasure island at Las Vegas. This is a break-through occur because conquest mountain Exhibitions that will provide a fresh, new and immediate incremental revenue flow because our company," said Ron Tan, Executive Chairman & throng CEO of Cityneon Holdings. "The second largest curved LED skin at Las Vegas, the impartial will provide untapped latent because advertisers ought division their brand and messages with the 45 million annual visitors who journey into and across the Las Vegas Strip."

Big Outdoor is chosen although the media colleague ought manage the sales and marketing because the screen. Big Outdoor owns and operates iconic OOH signage nationwide and continues ought multiply their digital signage footprint at high profile urban areas with projects such although conquest Park at Dallas and Santa Monica Place. Brad Berkley, headmaster Executive officer of large Outdoor, said, "Big Outdoor is excited ought colleague with conquest mountain Exhibitions ought bring this iconic digital asset ought the Las Vegas market. This stand will no sole create tax because our authentic wealth partners besides will too allow our clients ought join brands and advertisers with a indeed sole signage occur above the Las Vegas Strip."

Victory mountain Exhibitions is the impartial manufacture company hind two general interactive exhibits above the Las Vegas Strip, Marvel's Avengers Station located can Treasure island hotel & Casino and The hunger Games: The Exhibition at MGM large hotel & Casino.

Victory mountain Exhibitions
Victory mountain Exhibitions is a subsidiary of Cityneon Holdings, and is an impartial manufacture company which strives ought create interactive exhibits that attract visitors and gorge educational value. With 25 years of undergo and cooperation with pioneers at technique from almost the world, conquest mountain is able ought create astounding interactive experiences, and can accommodate based above our clients' needs ought satisfy each and each sole need.

Cityneon Holdings
With its global attain and international partnerships, Cityneon has the capacity ought serve its clients anywhere at the world. Cityneon was listed above the Mainboard of the Singapore Stock Exchange because 2005, and was privatised above February 2019 by West Knighton Limited, a company wholly owned by Cityneon's Executive Chairman & throng CEO Ron Tan together with Hong Kong veteran entrepreneur and investor Johnson Ko Chun Shun. Johnson is a capital markets veteran and has held controlling interests and directorships at many listed companies.  On 14 can 2019, Cityneon welcomed CITIC Capital as a new shareholder whom holds 10.61% shares at Cityneon. CITIC chief is isolate of CITIC Group, one of China's largest conglomerates, and has above US$25 billion of wealth beneath its management over 100 funds and investment products globally. because more information, interest visit

Big Outdoor
With offices at Los Angeles, Dallas and New York, large Outdoor has established itself although a fully integrated, privately-held outdoor advertising company. Its foremost concentrate is ought construct relationships with key authentic wealth partners however enhancing the tax of their properties over highly visible advertising solutions. because more information, interest visit

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