What are the functions of vertical advertising machine?
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Vertical advertising machines are now used in various occasions. What are the functions of vertical advertising machines?

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-09-27 16:18:09
Product function of vertical advertising machine:
1, supports high-definition 1080P picture, video display effect.
2, perfect ad playback feature.
3, uses the playlist to freely control the perfect playback process of TV or directly edit the program into the U disk.The advertising machine can be freely set in the function of turning on, turning off, what content, when to play these content, how to play order, the number of repeated ads, the residence time of the picture on the screen, the file information using the horse running light or the whole screen, etc.
4,'s powerful playlist capabilities.The playlist can set 30 days of playback content at a time, among which it can be personalized in 128 time periods every day, so that advertisers can set different charging modes of time division and frequency to meet the different advertising playback needs of customers and meet multiple profit modes of operators.
5, freely realizes full screen and split screen play mode, and can be converted at any time to support multiple play modes, with full screen and split screen switching through the playlist.
6, can play on a combination of videos, pictures, and subtitles.
7, diversified captions display.Support single, double row subtitles and full screen rolling subtitles display.You can set the color of the file and the speed of the screen to scroll.
8, A simple playlist editing tool.Playlist Edit Tools software, simply installing this software on your computer, can simply and easily edit and automatically generate playlists that control ad machines for perfect playback, allowing you to use the ad machine more easily.
9, advertisers parameter adjustment function.Support to adjust the volume, screen brightness, contrast, gray, and other parameters.Parametric memory function has volume, screen brightness, contrast, gray scale and other parameter memory functions.
10, electronic clock, lunar calendar function.
11, supports background music features
12, picture music combination is played with a sound when played.
The 13, supports the log files
14, terminal automatically generates log files, copy into the computer can see the time information and times of daily playing files and so on.
15, for convenient full remote control operation
16, can use the remote control to easily and conveniently set up the local function menu, intelligent watchdog function. .
Once the 17, hardware watchdog function is enabled, conduct a fault self-check once every minute to keep the machine in normal operation.
18, supports USBHOST capabilities, and cards copy programs from each other.(Optional)
19, intelligent upgrade feature
20, supports the instant upgrade capabilities of the software.
21, Good resistance against electromagnetic interference (e. g. radio waves, sparks, arcs, etc.).