Uncover the functional features of tablet kiosk stand
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Uncover the functional features of tablet kiosk stand

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-12-07 09:16:34
1. Richer background processing functions and terminal functions
Through remote technology to centrally manage all terminals and realize comprehensive supervision, the security application of touch screen in China has been better realized. The after-sales service standard touch screen query software can achieve better supervision through this background management system, without manual on-site processing, and can also ensure the orderly operation of machinery with advanced multimedia processing technology. This background operation mode gives relevant customers perfect authority to realize arbitrary change and reliable system operation.
2. Flexible and rich application environment and data functions
In daily application, this touch screen query software can be applied to various operating systems to ensure that this unique device can really play its own function. The operating system and corresponding multi-level menu of Shu Yong's touch screen query software are clearer, more convenient and stable in structure, which makes the customer's control effect get better quality, while the database backup and recovery ability of the touch screen query software makes its safe application and operation effect better maintained.
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