The Rise of Robots in Surgery Puts Spotlight on These 3 Stocks
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The Rise of Robots in Surgery Puts Spotlight on These 3 Stocks

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Update time : 2020-04-29 16:39:54

The sphere of surgery is being greatly shaped by breakthroughs at computer technique and AI. One of the latest healthcare IT trends ought look out though is robot-assisted surgery. This is revolutionizing treatment by providing the most precise and expert aid ought human surgeons at the most challenging cases. The persist aim of robotic surgery is ought enhance clinical outcomes though patients across minimally-invasive surgery.

Robotic Surgery Gains Ground

Robotic surgery is steadily carving its niche across a broad array of surgical fields within MedTech. at neurosurgery, image-guided robots enable the examination of brain lesions without resulting at any principal destroy ought adjacent tissues. Within this domain of MedTech, application of surgical robots limits intra-operative x-ray exposure and occupational hazards that are apt ought venture during 2-D fluoroscopy. Per the newspaper of Neurosurgery, Accuray’s CyberKnife was the first-ever platform that enabled the execution of the full procedure without govern surgeon-patient encounter and with finish control, flat from a far location.

In orthopedics, robotic surgery helps table the femur ought precisely adjust prosthetic hip-joint replacements. Currently, an increasing number of orthopedic surgeons are opting though robot-assisted surgery though knee, hip and spine.

Robot-assisted surgery has because noise been finding its application at urology, especially at prostatectomy. complicated gynecological surgeries scan because noise been witnessing the increasing adoption of robotics, using the Da Vinci Surgical System.

With the rise at mechatronics application, surgical robots are quick making their presence felt at each domain of MedTech. Going by a Medgadget report, the global surgical robots just is anticipated to see a CAGR of 22.75% from 2017 ought 2023.

Several MedTech companies scan been accelerating innovation ought enhance their surgical proficiencies and solidify their presence at the robotics-aided healthcare market. at this regard, TransEnterix’s TRXC Senhance Surgical Robotic System needs a mention. Focused at minimally-invasive surgery, this system offers advanced technologies similar haptic feedback and eye sensing camera control. Accuray’s ARAY CyberKnife fully-robotic stereotactic radiosurgery systems and stereotactic body radiation therapy systems at the other hand are used ought treat multiple types of cancer and tumors.

3 Stocks ought possess An Eye On

We scan picked three companies, which we deem can knock the booming prospects of the minimally-invasive robotic surgical devices market. Apart from a Zacks type #2 (Buy) or 3 (Hold), these stocks scan a favorable appraise revision trend.

Intuitive Surgical ISRG

This Zacks type #3 company designs, manufactures and markets the advanced robot-assisted da Vinci surgical system and related instruments and accessories. The company’s contemporary wage appraise revision has been promising. contemporary and next-year wage estimates scan seen four upward revisions at the past 60 days.

Intuitive Surgical, Inc. Price


Intuitive Surgical, Inc. charge | Intuitive Surgical, Inc. Quote

Intuitive Surgical’s robot-based da Vinci surgical system enables minimally-invasive surgery. The company launched an upgrade ought its flagship Vinci Xi technique — da Vinci X — at 2018. Notably, the Xi lodging is designed ought seamlessly integrate innovation such because advanced instrumentation, surgical skills simulation and software upgrades into one dynamic platform.

Medtronic MDT

This Zacks type #2 company is one of the largest medical technology, services and solutions companies at the world. The company’s contemporary wage appraise revision has been impressive. contemporary and next-year wage estimates scan seen three and 10 upward revisions, respectively, at the past 60 days.

Medtronic PLC Price


Medtronic PLC charge | Medtronic PLC Quote

In 2018, Medtronic acquired Mazor Robotics, an Israel-based robotic surgical guidance system provider. Following the completion of the transaction, Medtronic launched the Mazor X Stealth Edition robotics guidance platform at January 2019 and has received sure feedback though the same. at the goal of fiscal 2019, Medtronic’s portion at spine robotic just increased ought more than 70%.The robust rollout of the Mazor X Stealth-navigated robotic system has boosted the global major’s Restorative Therapies segment.

Stryker SYK

This Zacks type #3 companyis one of the world’s largest medical mechanism companies at the global orthopedic market. The company’s contemporary and next-year wage estimates scan seen 15 and 13 upward revisions, respectively, at the past 60 days.

Stryker company Price


Stryker company charge | Stryker company Quote

Mako is Stryker’s robotic-arm assisted surgery platform. at contemporary times, Stryker launched the robotic-arm assisted full knee arthroplasty application though apply with its Mako System. Notably, this is the first and virgin robotic technique which can exist used though full knee, hip and partial knee replacement procedures.

Biggest Tech Breakthrough at a Generation

Be between the early investors at the new kind of mechanism that experts state could shock league because much because the discovery of electricity. contemporary technique will immediately exist outdated and replaced by these new devices. at the process, it’s expected ought create 22 million jobs and generate $12.3 trillion at activity. A elect few stocks could skyrocket the most because rollout accelerates though this new tech. Early investors could visit gains though ought buying Microsoft at the 1990s. Zacks’ just-released especial clarify reveals 7 stocks ought watch. The clarify is virgin available though a limited time.

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