The difference between wall mounted advertising machine and traditional advertising machine
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The difference between wall mounted advertising machine and traditional advertising machine

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-15 15:12:22
1: The online LCD advertising machine has strong client handling software support. It can control the broadcast content over a long distance through the network, arbitrarily distinguish the broadcast area, and display video, image, text, time, weather forecast and other contents together. As long as a network connection is established, it can handle the software through the client without personnel going to the site, Complete the long-distance operation of the advertising machine without leaving home, and upload, download, delete and other operations on the storage device. Other management software also has some humanized functions such as log and data management, which greatly improves the security and reliability.
2: Commodity positioning (stability). When TV is produced, it is positioned according to consumer goods, and advertising machines are not household consumer goods only for our entertainment. The classification on B2B business websites is advertising devices, which reflects the professionalism of LCD advertising machines because of their different positioning. The components used in advertising machines are far better than TV sets in terms of performance and safety;
3: Service life: because the TV positioning is different from the advertising machine, it is impossible for the TV to start up continuously for 24 hours, while the advertising machine adopts industrial grade LCD screen, and the motherboard and power supply use high safety devices. It is 18 hours or even 24 hours to start up continuously on specific occasions. In modern commercial society, money is calculated by time. The stability of goods directly determines the size of income.
4: System composition: the advertising machine system is the latest Android system, with novel skills, a variety of applications and simple operation. It has the functions of regular on-off, urgent broadcasting, setting remarks and synchronous broadcasting, and supports video / image / text scrolling, subtitle / split screen and full screen broadcasting (video / image), The text setting interface can select the font size or various colors of the background. According to the practical situation, it can arbitrarily distinguish many different categories of images and rollover subtitle broadcasting. The video area can customize the selection and broadcasting, support the rollover display of text and image, support the customization of broadcasting template, etc. In addition, the advertising machine supports a variety of pattern decoding and built-in storage devices. After the files required by Jiang are sent to the storage devices, they can broadcast automatically, and some settings can be set for broadcasting through the network, which are unmatched by TV.
5: The outline data is different from the appearance. As we all know, most TVs use plastic shells, which are only suitable for goods useful in ordinary days; The shell of the advertising machine is made of non burning materials, which only deforms without combustion support in case of open fire, which greatly increases the safety in public places;
6: Different brightness. Because LCD advertising machines usually appear in open areas with good daylighting, it is difficult to meet the brightness demand of household TV sets and civil displays. Therefore, highlighting is also a major feature of LCD advertising machines, online advertising machines and vertical advertising machines, and the cost is difficult to estimate;