The difference between industrial panel pc and PLC control
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The difference between industrial panel pc and PLC control

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-29 14:45:50
Control computer is an industrial panel pc, which is better than ordinary computer in anti-interference and adapt to the industrial control environment; Fall resistance, earthquake resistance and stability are stronger than ordinary computers; Generally used in industrial control occasions.
PLC is a programmable controller, which is generally installed in the control cabinet; There are input and output points, and quantity can be collected for communication; In short, it is an upper computer and a lower computer; Of course, PLC is the lower computer. In fact, they are not comparable, but both devices are generally used in industry.
As an important control equipment in the field of industrial automation, industrial panel pc has been widely used in more and more industries. But now there are more and more requirements for automatic control equipment to be updated too quickly. There are requirements for products and designers at the same time.
The industrial control computer is strong in computing, while the PLC is strong in leather. In large-scale systems, it is better not to hand over any important tasks of computing to the industrial control computer. The reliability of the industrial control computer is limited. And the reliability is increased from 70% to 80%. Maybe the price is only increased by 30%, but the price is likely to increase by 200% from 90% to 95%. It's better to use the decentralized bus mode of small system. The most reliable PLC is used at the bottom of the front line, and multiple operating equipment can be equipped in the middle, so that even if some problems occur, the whole system will not be affected.