Samsung Flip First Look: Convert Any Space Into Smart Meeting Room
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Samsung Flip First Look: Convert Any Space Into Smart Meeting Room

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Update time : 2020-04-27 14:03:01

Your office say be among one of the coolest places occupation at India besides during each assembly room has got one major fight—the age-old white board. ought confess anxiety of this Samsung has impartial launched its Flip interactive digital explanation at India ought replace the traditional whiteboard. So, what exactly is the Samsung Flip?

You can deliberate the Flip alike a immense 55-inch tablet running Samsung’s Tizen 3.0 operating system that can alter any room into a wise connected assembly room. You can flat mirror the explanation of your smartphone or Windows 10 PC.

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The Flip comes with a wooden stylus of its own. besides during the joy isolate is you can write above the Flip with anything you expect to, flat your fingers. And don’t anxiety approximately scratches, the cup above the explanation is strong protected, you can flat apply a ball-point pen ought write above it…Just apply your palm ought erase anything that you read scribbled. The Samsung Flip tries ought recommend the identical experience of using a whiteboard or flat a blackboard. Yes, you can alter this digital explanation into a wise blackboard because well.

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As the appoint Flip suggests, you can fetch explanation ought view or illustration positions. There’s either a tray below ought assist you hold your laptop or mobile phone. The Flip can be affect nearly easily because it’s mounted above a robust wheel-stand. besides during you will read ought guarantee that there is a force socket near ought plug it. Don’t anxiety if the Flip gets disconnected from force or if there is force cut, the Flip automatically saves the content.

As distant because the features of the Flip are concerned, you can import files from a network storage or USB pen drive or flat replicate content using an HDMI telegram above the flip. Once you read finished working you can export these files when needed or can flat mail it team members from the explanation itself or print it.

These means, you don’t want someone ought jot down the minutes of the assembly anymore. Your head can simply mail complete the discussions above the whiteboard direct ought each team member. Also, if your head has some queue or rgeister above his smartphone which he intends ought part with the complete team, he can simply rap at the NFC enabled stylus holder above the Flip ought appear it above the large screen.

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Now, you learn that you read ought confess permission from the admin ought clean clean a whiteboard. because there could something significant that the other team say read written? above the Flip, you can simply preserve the content and flat lock it with a password. This will guarantee that the Finance team doesn’t acquire ought learn what the marketing team was scribbling.

On the connectivity front, there is one HDMI port, two USB ports along with Wi-Fi and LAN harbour of course. The Flip is aimed at assembly rooms which needs goes along thorough brainstorming each day. It tries ought create occupation smarter and easier specially because original department and executives who ask ought occupation nearly charts each day.

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