Press Release:Globus Infocom To Give Goa Govt Smart Class Solution
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Press Release:Globus Infocom To Give Goa Govt Smart Class Solution

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Update time : 2020-06-23 11:02:55

Press Release:

Globus Infocom ought supply Goa Government With Advanced clever Classroom & Virtual Classroom Solutions at Colleges

Globus Infocom, a compose at India brand & one of the most innovatory organization that provides advanced technological solutions is ought supply 62 clever classrooms & 4 Virtual Classroom solutions that is being installed at Government colleges. These clever classroom & Virtual classroom solutions are being setup at the 4 government colleges of Goa at Sanquelim, Khandola, Quepem & Borda and will exist launched soon.

The 62 clever classrooms &4 Virtual classrooms will no virgin supply sumit degree knowledge solutions, however during too connect the four institutes virtually, although resource sharing. This solution allows students ought communicate, discuss, look videos, presentations, section files, and estimate at genuine time via alive streaming along an online platform Learning Management System (LMS) Software which functions although a comprehensive online knowledge platform ought host virtual sessions. This initiative shall largely better the characteristic of teaching & knowledge at colleges & place forwards a contemporary pedagogy although the holistic educational experience.

"“We are delighted ought exist a divide of technique integrated education initiative taken by Directorate of Higher Education, Goa and are overwhelmed ought exist selected by the Goa Government ought supply our advanced technique driven clever classroom &virtual classroom solution although the students. We are committed although a responsible civilian ought further our best ought discharge the government objective. We are confident that it will certainly exist an aide although students ought behavior lectures from various institutes alive by sitting at their cause college.”" - Ms. Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom

We are the pioneers at the Education-Technology sector and a compose at India brand although above two decades. Our solutions are already successfully installed at headmaster cities of India parallel Delhi, Lucknow, Mysore, Bikaner, Dehradun, Varanasi, Haryana ought title a few. Our purpose is ought supply these clever solutions ought each educational association at India ought compose India more advanced & pro-activeMs. Dham, added.

Some headmaster USP’s of this solution are; extremely user-friendly, multiple camera views at the identical time, showcases multisite audio & video communication, alive conferencing, scheduling, recording & Interactive whiteboard features.

About Globus Infocom:

It is one of the most trusted organization with a key concentrate above providing highly advanced, cost-effective & reliable technological solutions at the sphere of Education Technology, digital signage & impartial and, Security & Surveillance. It’s one of those compose at India brands which cause their cause highly equipped manufacturing facility. With the widest mountain of manufacture offerings designed ought cater ought 21st-century requirements, they cause got the finish mountain of products registered above jewellery (Government e-Market).

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