Market advantages of vertical advertising machine
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Market advantages of vertical advertising machine

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-04 08:48:11
In the era of mobile Internet, today we talk about Guangzhou Shuyong vertical landing advertising machine. Traditional enterprises often have high-quality products and a certain customer base, but they are limited to not expanding the market. It is easy for enterprises to have the illusion that the product is bad and concentrate on building the product. What does this have to do with the vertical landing advertising machine? Before the product comes out, smart enterprises spread the product information to the audience through various advertisements, interact with the audience, feed back better product information, conduct comprehensive analysis, and have a more benign evaluation of market products. As a new mainstream media, digital signage advertising machine plays an important role in modern urban advertising. Among them, the multimedia information release system allows you to seize the commanding height in the Internet era.
Achieve the goal: play brand advertising and improve the corporate image; Beautify the service environment and improve customer experience; Distance training and teaching to reduce training cost
System composition: 1. Realize the partition and playback of different information on the same screen. 2
The whole screen can be divided into multiple play areas at most: one main play area is used to play video, and four picture areas can play pictures; 1 rolling caption, 1 group of date and time, 1 weather area. The date time area and weather area information are automatically updated by the system.
2. Group management, flexible authorization
Displays can be grouped, and different playback contents and playback schedule can be set for each group of displays.
You can set the anchor area to play the advertisements to be broadcast, and different anchor areas can play different advertisements. The administrator's permissions can be set. Different permission levels can only operate on specific groups and playback areas. In addition, the operation approval procedure can be set, and the competent personnel can approve the playback.
3. Powerful editing and production functions
Support horizontal screen, vertical screen, full screen and split screen playback, and support multi combination media such as pictures and videos to play content year / month / day / week / hour / minute / second, which is displayed on the switch in the upper right corner
4. Remote publishing and management
The vertical landing advertising machine supports the remote release, replacement and addition of advertising content in the background. Intelligent program scheduling system, convenient and fast operation; The background publishing system supports group update of files and play control lists; Support remote monitoring of the working status of the terminal advertising machine (such as timing on / off, screen capture, obtaining terminal information, restarting the terminal, etc.)