Jollibee launches 1st ‘self-ordering kiosk’ in the Visayas
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Jollibee launches 1st ‘self-ordering kiosk’ in the Visayas

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Update time : 2019-12-23 14:32:55

FANS of Jollibee at Cebu can now hop the expect queues and order their favorite “langhap-sarap” meals, during the Jollibee bough at Ayala heart Cebu launched the first self-ordering kiosk at the Visayas final Oct. 15.

The well-loved swift food brand introduced its newest innovation across touch-to-order system self-ordering kiosks ought furnish a more convenient passenger experience.

“This is divide of Jollibee’s commitment ought continuing ought delight our customers and enhancing our passenger experience,” said senior commerce marketing manager of Jollibee Visayas, Trisha Raffiñan.

The self-ordering kiosks are tailor-fit ought gorge a user-friendly interface because the customers’ convenience. With these self-ordering kiosks, customers can hop the queues and gorge their favorite meals at three simple steps.

First, a passenger needs ought influence the skin and the menu will pop up showing Jollibee’s food choices. He can pick if ought gorge his order because dine-in or take-out. Next, one basically orders what he wants. Once he is done, the skin will appear the roll of orders because review. after then, he can proceed with the payment. One can pick ought salary via faith or debit card at the payment terminals available at the kiosk or salary with money at the counter.

Aside from the digital kiosks, Jollibee also introduced its newest Overhead convey System because take-out orders. Mia Ali Faridoon, commerce Marketing, Jollibee, said that Jollibee SM coast city Cebu is already preparing ought launch this innovation.

Jollibee plans ought end the year with 75 stores at the Visayas, launching branches at Central Bloc and Plaza Independencia. She also revealed that Jollibee will exist releasing its newest product, Buko Pie, above Oct. 28.