Introduction to information kiosk
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Introduction to information kiosk

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-22 15:06:09
Equipment composition of self-service query: the query machine generally includes touch screen, display, computer, audio equipment, power supply equipment and touch cabinet, as well as power input equipment and various network interfaces. Of course, some special-purpose all-in-one machines include more equipment, such as the bank's touch all-in-one machine for automatic withdrawal, as well as keyboard, magnetic card reader, passbook register, micro printer, fingerprint attendance, etc. A good query machine needs to be equipped with good touch software to be more perfect.
Application scope of information kiosk: query machine is gradually used in all aspects of our daily life and work. For example, we can see inquiry machines in many occasions, such as business hall, postal business hall, tax collection hall, urban streets (urban information query), office buildings, airports, stations, banks, museums, libraries, exhibitions, hospitals, hotels and so on.
In short, no matter where you go to work and encounter the touch query all-in-one machine, you only need to touch the screen with your fingers, and the information you need can be presented in front of you. If all places that need inquiry or consultation are equipped with touch inquiry all-in-one machine, our work and life will be much more convenient.
1) The touch screen is made of glass and is easy to be damaged. Please be careful when moving. Precautions for use
2) After shutdown, the main power supply must be turned off.
3) Do not plug or unplug any live parts of the equipment (including external equipment) in the live state.
4) When the equipment is out of use, the dust cover shall be covered and the power supply shall be disconnected.
5) Please be careful not to pull the connecting wire inside the machine arbitrarily, otherwise it will cause short and open circuit of power supply or signal; Do not disassemble the machine at will to avoid damaging parts.
6) In case of failure, immediately cut off the main power supply, unplug the power plug, stop using, and contact the dealer in time.
7) Do not disassemble or repair without permission.