Installation method of wall advertising machine
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Installation method of wall advertising machine

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-10-12 14:30:15
There are two main methods to install the backplane:
1. Fix the installation on the wall with expansion screws. In order to ensure the levelness of the advertising machine, the installation plate must be horizontal.
2. It is not allowed to screw on the wall. The first double-sided adhesive stick on the wall can come back under the condition of cleaning after use, and then fix it with glass adhesive on the central square and four sides. During the fixing time, the installation of the bottom plate must be horizontal. It is important to note that the first step is to firmly stick the double-sided adhesive together, The next step can only be carried out after the glass adhesive is completely cured.
3. Connection mode of power cord of wall mounted advertising machine
After installation, reconnect the power cord. The power cord needs to be introduced from the open, but the power cord must be grooved and buried on the wall. However, if the wall cannot be grooved, it can also be introduced from the opening above the base plate. Finally, as long as the box locked on the advertising wall is hung on the back, the broadcast copy of the installed SD card, and the normal use of the lock.
For consumers, the use of advertising machine can make the shopping process more interesting, have more opportunities to understand more abundant product and promotion information, or choose positive information to avoid being disturbed by promotion personnel in the shopping process.