Installation and precautions of wall mounted advertising machine
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Installation and precautions of wall mounted advertising machine

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-10-19 09:36:34
The progress of science and technology drives the development of human society. The world is changing all the time. In this information technology era, it has created many intelligent products and constantly changed our way of life. Just like the appearance of wall mounted advertising machine, it has brought many new business opportunities and different advertising forms to the advertising industry. The propagandist has prompted many industries to start using this new media advertising equipment. The advertising machine market is developing rapidly, but many new users have many doubts and misunderstandings in the installation and use. Today, I tell you, what should we pay attention to from the early selection to the later installation and use?
Method / step:
Wall mounted advertising machines are divided into stand-alone version and network version, as well as various sizes, different configurations and operating systems. The specific selection needs to be based on their own actual use environment, functions to be realized, budget, etc.
After selecting the equipment, we should start to consider the installation location. If we put it in the location with large flow of people, the effect will be twice the result with half the effort. In addition, we should ensure that there is a stable voltage power supply, stable power supply, good ventilation, breathable and dry environment, and good network speed, which can prolong the machine performance and service life.
The wall mounted advertising machine needs to be installed on the wall or other boards, so there are strict requirements for the firmness and bearing capacity of the wall. Before installation, check whether the wall structure is firm. If it needs to be installed on some wooden partition walls, it needs to be reinforced and supported with the help of other things.
•      Note: in addition, the installation environment of the LCD advertising machine needs to be dry and can not be in a humid environment, resulting in moisture inside the machine and short circuit of the line.
•      The wall mounted advertising machine also involves the support. When selecting the support, try to make the equipment easy to install and disassemble, so as not to damage the machine and frame in later maintenance.