Application of vertical advertising machine
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Application of vertical advertising machine

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Author : callie
Update time : 2021-09-23 15:35:31
s prominence of the application attributes of digital signs, vertical advertising machine, as a specific application form, has become a typical representative of digital sign applications different from other commercial display applications.
The installation of vertical advertising machine is more flexible, which can better meet the personalized application needs of users in the retail industry. In practical application, the vertical LCD advertising machine not only has flexible placement position, but also has adjustable height, so that industry users can adjust in time according to application requirements, which is convenient for customers to operate, "tentacle is available"
Vertical advertising machine is different from newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media. It has a wide range of applications and remarkable effects. It is mostly used in hotel lobby, restaurants, cinemas and other public places.
The LCD advertising machine needs the support of the multimedia playing system. The multimedia playing system uses the intelligent management module to realize the remote control of the player at the player end, and realizes the complete network protocol and remote control at the server end.
The display screen of the vertical advertising machine can display text, graphics, animation, etc. separately, and can also play pictures of different proportions at the same time. You can control the content of each display screen independently, and the picture can scroll up and down, left and right. It can superimpose text information on the TV picture, or superimpose text, pictures, animation, etc. outside the video image. Generally, there will be a large vertical advertising machine at the entrance and elevator entrance of the high-speed railway station. How can there be less advertising in places with large passenger flow like the high-speed railway station? LCD advertising machines of different sizes will be placed at the entrance of the entrance considering that passengers need to wait in line, so as to fully achieve the effect of advertising.
The vertical advertising machine gives us a new advertising communication space. We can customize the functions of the advertising machine from the traditional plane form to the three-dimensional and interactive form. Thus, there are touch all-in-one machine, online advertising machine, outdoor advertising machine and mirror advertising machine, which have various forms to meet the different needs of customers.