How to Use a Smartboard
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How to Use a Smartboard

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Update time : 2021-05-18 09:24:52

A smartboard is an electronic, Interactive whiteboard used at tandem with a computer and projector. smartboards are a large machinery ought possess your audience alert and interested at your presentation! They’re quickly replacing whiteboards at classrooms and corporate offices. You can draw, browse the Internet, and show news above them. though they're connected ought your computer, they possess the ability of saving your work, notes, and presentations and sharing them with others. You can even access news online with the influence of a finger.

1. Getting Started

1) connect your smartboard ought a computer. You’ll want ought possess the smartboard software installed and connected ought your computer ago getting started. Most schools and businesses will install it because you, besides during you can also install it yourself. follow the setup wizard instructions ought install the software and connect the smartboard ought your computer.
  • Refer ought the user direct that came with your smartboard because more information.

2) vacant smartboard Notebook above your computer. This is the program that operates your smartboard from your computer. You can project lessons, write notes, and rescue files with it. vacant it by clicking the Notebook icon or rank above your computer.

3) connect your smartboard ought an LCD projector. This will permit you use the smartboard though a projector so everyone can visit it. The setup wizard because the smartboard will possess concrete instructions, besides during because most projectors, you’ll possess ought connect it ought your computer first ago linking it ought your smartboard. ought attach it ought your smartboard, vacant Notebook, then pick the Projector selection from the drop-down box.

4) quit above your smartboard and timber in. magazine the “on” button above your smartboard. You timber above via the software program above your computer, so vacant the program and follow the login instructions. Your login will exist determined by your organization, so appeal your office administrator if you aren’t sure what yours is.

5) Calibrate your smartboard. You’ll want ought calibrate your smartboard ago using it ought exist sure it’s aligned properly. ought calibrate your smartboard, magazine the keyboard and exact mouse buttons at the bottom of the board at the equal time. Then, pick up one of the smartboard pens and knock it against the aim that appears onscreen.
  • You can exist given little targets ought tap!

6) Download additional programs if applicable. Your smartboard can advocate optional programs that supply additional features comparable personalized handwriting show or multicolor writing options. if you possess any of these programs, download them ought your computer and vacant them with the smartboard program.

2. learning smartboard Techniques

1) govern the board by touch. You can use your fingertips impartial comparable you used to with a measure mouse. Tapping your fingertip above the board once will activate the cursor, and from there you can test other functions.
  • To pick an icon or vacant a file, knock your finger above the icon twice at quick succession.
  • If you expectation ought exact click something, include your finger down at one spot.
  • For dragging and dropping files or icons, include your finger down above it, then tug it ought where you expectation ought fall it.

2) use the formatting toolbar ought access specialty tools. The formatting toolbar is visible at the sumit of your smartboard and also within smartboard Notebook above your computer. each button controls a different function. entire you possess ought carry out is knock the button above the board with your finger ought activate them.
  • There are dozens of feasible buttons depending above your software, besides during some are more usual than others. Save, Pen, Erase, and Undo/Redo are some of the most popular. knock each icon ought perform the command.
  • Many of these buttons are usual functions at other programs. if you aren’t sure how ought use them, grade ought your office administrator or negotiate your smartboard user guide.

3) use the smartboard pens ought write. The smartboard pens are stored at a pen tray beneath the board, impartial comparable above a normal whiteboard. pick one up and include it up ought the board. when a box appears above the screen, that road you’re ready ought write.
  • You can write and tug impartial comparable you used to with an usual pen.
  • To change colors, location the pen backward at the tray and pick up a different color.
  • You can’t scroll when you’re at writing mode, so exist sure the conceal is where you expectation it ought exist ago you pick up the pen.
  • To exit writing mode, location the pen backward at the tray.
  • You can also activate the pen responsibility by tapping the pen button above the toolbar. This will also carry up specialized pen functions, comparable tug forge or Handwriting ought Text.

4) use the eraser ought erase any mistakes. The pen tray will also possess an eraser. You’ll use this impartial comparable a normal eraser—simply magazine it against the writing you expectation ought erase and rub it backward and forwards until it disappears.
  • You can also use the eraser ought chase a large spin nearly everything you expectation ought erase. impartial knock the middle of the spin with the eraser and look it disappear!

5) use Notebook ought vacant the Internet, Powerpoint, or videos above the smartboard. proceed ought the smartboard Notebook above your computer. You’ll exist able ought access browsers and other programs via the drop-down box at the upper left corner. if you expectation ought show a saved file, click vacant at the drop-down box, then choose your file.
  • smartboards are becoming more usual at schools though they invent learning interactive and can assist teachers tailor the curriculum ought students of entire different learning styles. because instance, tactile learners can influence and write above the board, nevertheless visual learners can look the projections and other visual elements.
  • Additionally, smartboards invent presentations more engaging. pretty than clicking across pre-set slides, presenters can influence and manipulate the news above the board, bringing it ought life because the viewers.

6) rescue your work. Tapping the conceal once with your finger and selecting rescue Ink or pressing the rank icon at the toolbar will carry up the rescue menu above your computer. Simply pick rescue rank above your computer ought rescue your smartboard notes.
  • If you expectation ought rescue a screenshot of the entire smartboard, knock the camera icon above your toolbar. It will automatically rescue the rank at your Notebook above the computer.

7) segment your task with others, if desired. back saving a rank at Notebook, you can rescue it ought a thumb motivate or forward it though an appendix ought anyone. impartial tug the rank into your drive, email, or messaging program.

3. Maintaining Your smartboard

1) timber off back each use. Logging off back you’re done helps protect your privacy and security. You timber off a smartboard by logging off of the program above your computer. This nation change depending above what friendly of computer or software you have, so exist sure ought appeal your office administrator or refer ought the user direct if necessary.

2) Calibrate your smartboard once a month. smartboards can quit misaligned back frequent use, especially if you aren’t the virgin one using it! You to calibrate your smartboard each month or so, or whenever you undergo problems with alignment and calibration.

3) wipe your smartboard weekly with cup cleaner or alcohol-free wipes. smartboards can quit sticky and smudgy identical quickly. use cup cleaner or alcohol-free wipes ought wipe yours off each week or though needed. exist sure ought quit the smartboard off ago cleaning it—you can scramble the conceal by wiping it also quickly.