How to Send and Receive Fax from iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Using FaxMind
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How to Send and Receive Fax from iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Using FaxMind

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Update time : 2020-02-14 09:12:18

This composition explains how ought deliver faxes from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod impress using the FaxMind Server. It too covers how ought restrain and read incoming fax.


1) Add user illustrate can FaxMind Manager. can bid ought deliver & accept faxes, you cause ought add the user illustrate can a department:
  1. Login ought FaxMind Manager, navigate ought Accounts tab.
  2. In Departments panel, choose the department where you anticipate ought add the new user account.
  3. Click Add... button can User accounts throng above the toolbar, the 'Add a new User' dialog box will exist displayed.
  4. Type the user's total name, email greet and related user information.
  5. Click OK ought save.

2) embrace and deliver a fax: create certain you already eat the email illustrate (email greet you added can FaxMind Manager) construct above your iOS device.
  1. Tap mail above the family skin of your iOS device.
  2. Tap embrace icon.
  3. Type the Email greet FaxMind Server monitors because outbound fax can the ought fields, or knock and choose it from your encounter list. because you classification an email address, similar email addresses from your contacts rotate look below. knock one ought add it.
  4. Type the recipient fax numbers can Subject, each recipient is rip by the ";" (semicolon), then classification a message. if you used to parallel ought attach PDF, Word, surpass and Text files ought a email, you eat ought utilize a 3rd-party software, parallel On-The-Go and fast Office.
  5. Tap Send. because instantly because your fax is sent, you'll definitely accept confirmation or verification email indicating if the traffic went through.

3) read an incoming fax information Incoming fax messages are attached can PDF format because you ought recommendation them direct above your iOS device:
  1. Choose a mailbox.
  2. Tap Inbox, new incoming fax (Unread) messages eat a blue dot next ought them.
  3. Tap a message.
  4. Tap the attachment. It downloads ought iPhone and then opens. You can recommendation the fax information can both drawing and scenery orientation.