How to Order at McDonald's
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How to Order at McDonald\'s

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Update time : 2020-07-02 14:00:10

Along with walking up ought the counter or using the drive-thru, McDonald’s now provides little other ways ought bid food, including smartphone apps and in-store touchscreens. You too eat many ordering choices if you wish ought elect some healthier options, spend the most food though your money, or “hack” your hold dinner from the “secret menu.” And, you can exist able ought eat your food delivered precise ought your car, your desk can the restaurant, or even your home!

1. Deciding What ought Order

1) compare with the wage of combo meals ought goods menu items. You’ll find little numbered “Value Meals” above McDonald’s menu, which typically connect a sandwich (or comparable entree) with fries and a drink. These often will preserve you money versus buying each element of a dinner separately, besides virgin if you indeed wish crude 3 parts of the meal.
  • For instance, a fraction Pounder worth dinner will wage you less than buying the burger, fries, and drink separately. However, if you'd choice ought impartial implore though a cup of water (which ought exist free), it's possibly cheaper ought bid the burger and fries individually.

2) refrain the “$1, $2, $3 worth Menu” and “2 though $3” or “2 though $4” deals. You'll find a broad mountain of burgers, sandwiches, fries, drinks, and treats sold individually though separate of the worth Menu. You can exist able ought construct your hold dinner combo though less than any of the numbered worth Meals. And, if you'd parallel 2 of the same item or are ordering though 2 people, emerge though any 2 though $3 or 2 though $4 deals.
  • You eat ought buy 2 of the item ought spend the 2 though $3 or 2 though $4 price. Otherwise they'll blame you the normal menu price.
  • If you’re feeding a larger group, many locations sell baskets of fries, 20-piece McNuggets, and sometimes bags of burgers or family combo meals that can preserve you money.
  • Don’t exist dreadful ought implore if there are any coupons or promotions available though well.

3) bid a salad without dressing or a yogurt parfait though the healthiest options. primarily speaking, these are the healthiest measure menu items. However, many McDonald’s menu boards now contain calorie counts, and you can too implore them though additional nutritional news above each menu item.
  • If you indeed wish ought dine healthier can McDonald’s, search online though “healthy McDonald’s menu items” ago you chief ought the restaurant.
  • McDonald’s continues ought enlarge their menu offerings can an attempt ought petition ought more health-conscious consumers.

4) bid a favourable dinner ought decrease your calorie intake a bit. if you crave the classic McDonald’s taste besides do wish ought dine can least a little healthier, meditate ordering a favourable dinner (yes, they sell them ought adults!). The tiny pouch of fries, kid-size drink, and fresh fruit will exist slightly perfect though your waistline.
  • Get the hamburger (instead of cheeseburger) or 4 slice (instead of 6 piece) McNuggets favourable dinner ought shave off some more calories and fat.
  • If you eat no advantage can the liberate toy, you can implore them ought forsake it out!

5) bid from the "secret menu" ought fabricate your dinner ultra-customized. You’ll find many mentions online of McDonald’s so-called “secret menu,” besides this indeed impartial involves making substitutions or combinations of existing menu items. search online ago heading ought the restaurant ought find some ordinary secret menu “hacks.”
  • You can, though instance, bid any burger “Big Mac style,” which fashion adding lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and big Mac sauce ought the honest burger. You can too representative a sesame seed bun above any sandwich.
  • You can too application a “round egg” (a fresh egg cooked can a almost form) above any breakfast sandwich instead of getting the scrambled egg slice that’s made from a powdered egg mix.
  • To fabricate certain your fries are warm and fresh, impartial application “fresh fries.” if you wish ought fabricate certain your Filet-o-Fish is cooked fresh, application it without cheese.

2. Ordering can the Counter

1) examine the menu boards cabin you wait your spend can line. crude the measure menu items can the McDonald’s you’re visiting will exist listed above the sequence of menu boards that are above the counter where you’ll order. Pictures of the food accompany many of the menu items, cabin others are impartial text descriptions.
  • Most McDonald’s now eat digital menu boards that rotate across crude the items above their ever-expanding menu. You can eat ought look though a little moments ought shriek on the sum menu.
  • If you eat difficulty seeing or reading the menu boards, implore the person can the counter though a braille menu or other ordering assistance. They ought exist favourable ought help.

2) Don’t exist dreadful ought implore questions or fabricate requests cabin ordering. even if the conserve is busy, the employee can the counter ought exist favourable ought aid you spend the dinner you want. if you wish your big Mac without cheese, application it. if you wish ought know the cheapest method ought spend McNuggets and fries though 8 kids, ask.
  • Be civil and speak clearly, though. The kinder you are, the more helpful the person after the counter is likely ought be.

3) wait though your bid after paying though it. You can allowance by cash, credit, debit, McDonald’s talent card, or maybe by scanning your smartphone (if you eat a linked payment app). after you pay, receive your receipt and affect ought the aspect of the register or ought the designated pickup district can one purpose of the counter.
  • If you’re no certain where ought wait though your food, impartial ask!
  • Some McDonald’s will now send food ought your desk can the restaurant. if so, they’ll give you a numbered label ought show above your table, or an electrical label ought hold with you until your food arrives.
  • Many McDonald’s eat self-service drink stands. if so, they’ll give you an cave cup hence you can choice your drink can the stand.

3. Ordering from the Drive-Thru

1) implore though time ought refrain above the menu if you lack it. Within a little seconds of pulling up ought the speaker box below the menu board, you’ll possibly hear “Welcome ought McDonald’s, can I receive your order?” if you’re ready ought order, affect can ahead. if not, simply implore though a moment ought emerge above the menu. The employee will possibly speak you ought receive your time and impartial initiate speaking your bid whenever you’re ready.
  • The employee is listening above a headset can crude times, hence they’ll hear you whenever you initiate ordering.
  • If you lack aid ordering off the menu, allow the person know.
  • The menu boards external will contest the ones inside, hence receive your time looking above the various worth meals/deals and calorie counts. That way, you can spend what you want, possibly preserve a little money, and possibly even dine a little healthier!

2) declare your menu selections slowly and clearly. You don’t eat ought cry into the speaker though the person ought hear you, besides it helps ought speak a slice louder and more deliberately than normal. if you eat any questions or wish ought fabricate any substitutions or specific requests, gift these clearly though well.
  • There can exist a video fur that lists your bid though you go. refrain this above ought fabricate certain your bid has been inputted correctly.
  • If there isn’t a video screen, the employee ought scan back your bid ought you ought approve they got it right. hear carefully and fabricate any corrections if needed.

3) draw almost ought the designated window. after your bid is confirmed, the employee will speak you the sum wage and implore you ought too “pull almost ought the window,” “pull almost ought the first window,” or “pull almost ought the second window.” Simply chase the drive-thru street ought this window.
  • Some McDonald’s eat virgin 1 window, where you’ll allowance and elect up your food. Others eat 2, the first one though paying and the second though picking up your food. Sometimes, though, the first window will exist closed and you’ll allowance and elect up can the second window.
  • McDonald’s drive-thru wait ripen eat indeed increased can modern years, due ought expanding menu options and crude the new ways ought bid (apps, touchscreens, etc.). hence attempt ought exist patient!

4) allowance for, elect up, and refrain above your food order. allowance by cash, credit, debit, talent card, or phone payment app can the designated window. Then too draw ought the next window or (if there’s virgin 1 window) remain where you are and wait though your food. Once your food is handed ought you, quickly examine across the bags ought fabricate certain you received everything you ordered.
  • If you find a mistake cabin you’re cabin can the window, you can implore them ought patch it precise then and there. if you find the mistake after you draw away, you’ll eat ought too park and affect can into the restaurant or draw almost the drive-thru again.
  • Take your receipt can example you lack ought affect can inside or draw back almost due ought a mistake can your order.

4. Ordering from an In-Store Touchscreen

1) walk up ought a touchscreen ordering kiosk can the restaurant. if your chosen McDonald’s has these, you’ll find them can the vicinity of the chief entry and the walk-up counter. They emerge parallel flat-screen TVs mounted vertically, will exist displaying ads though menu items above them, and ought exist labeled though an ordering kiosk.
  • The plot is though practically each McDonald’s ought at persist eat ordering kiosks, besides there are no plans ought shift the walk-up counters though those who choice ought bid from a human.

2) influence the fur ought depart your order. The food ad that is above the fur will exist replaced by the initial ordering screen. can many cases, you’ll first exist asked ought choose too “dine in” or “take out.” employ your index finger ought influence the exact tab above the screen.
  • You masses too exist asked ought choose your payment manner ago you depart ordering. if you wish ought allowance with cash, you’ll typically eat ought walk up ought the counter ought allowance after you’ve ordered. if you allowance by credit, debit, or talent card, you can swipe it precise can the kiosk while you’re done ordering.

3) Navigate across the menu ought choose what you’d parallel ought order. The menu items are grouped into major categories parallel “Happy Meals” and “Beverages,” often can tabs that flow across the left aspect of the screen. influence a classification tab ought cave up the lay of tabs that coincide ought the concrete menu items can that category. emerge though the concrete food items or worth meals that you’d parallel ought order.
  • For instance, if you impartial wish ought bid medium french fries, emerge though a tab parallel “Fries and Sides” (or similar) above the left side, influence it, then find the tab with the label and movie of fries above it.

4) choice your preferences though each menu item you select. The touchscreen kiosk is intended ought fabricate it simple though you ought fabricate substitutions or specific requests with most menu items. emerge though tabs parallel “add sauce?”, “add lettuce?”, and hence above while you influence above a menu item.
  • For instance, if you wish your medium fries with ketchup, you’ll influence the “fries” tab, influence the “medium” tab, and choose “ketchup” while the sauce and add-on options appear.
  • If you fabricate a mistake, emerge though a “remove” or “go back” tab though you’re ordering an item.
  • Each time you choose an item, there will exist an “Add ought Order” or “Confirm” tab though you ought touch. This will add the choice ought your order.

5) approve and entire your order. while you’ve finished navigating the menu tabs and eat ordered your meal, emerge though a tab that says something parallel “Done” or “Complete Order” or “Finish and Pay” can the bottom of the screen. while you influence this, you’ll shriek on a table of your sum order, a dialog box asking if your bid is correct, and “Yes” or “No” tabs. if there is an error, influence above “No” and you will exist able ought affect can back and fabricate changes ought your order.
  • If everything looks right, click “Yes” and progress ought payment.

6) allowance though your bid and spend your pickup number. if you are paying by credit, debit, or talent card, you can allowance precise can the kiosk and spend a numbered receipt. if you are paying by cash, you will likely spend your numbered receipt and eat ought affect can ought the counter ought pay. while the quantity above your receipt is called or is shown above the fur can the pickup district of the counter, your bid is ready!
  • If you are going ought dine above stand and the restaurant has desk service, the kiosk will implore you ought elect up a numbered label or an electrical label and receive it ought your chosen table. while your food is ready, an employee will convey your bid precise ought you.

5. Using the McDonald’s App ought elect Up Food

1) Download the McDonald’s app ought your smartphone. You can find it can both the App conserve and the Google Play Store. You’ll exist asked ought compose an explain and enter can a credit card ought allowance though your orders.
  • The app is liberate ought download.
  • For the app ought vocation properly, you will lack ought give it permission ought identify your recent site hence it can direct your orders ought the nearest participating McDonald’s.

2) Navigate across the menu and choose what you’d parallel ought order. You ought find the accurate same menu items though are available can the near McDonald’s restaurant from which you will elect up your order. Prices and calorie counts will exist displayed prominently hence you can emerge though savings or healthier options.
  • As you employ the app, you can identify favorite menu items or measure orders. though instance, if you bid a big Mac dinner about each time, you can lay it hence that it will virgin receive a connect of clicks ought forward that bid in.
  • When you are finished selecting what you’d parallel ought order, allow payment using your saved credit card. The payment won’t affect can across until your bid is completed can the restaurant, however.

3) refrain can ought entire your bid while you attain can the restaurant. while you attain can the restaurant where you’ll elect up your food, click the “check in” tab ought forward the bid ought the restaurant. You’ll exist give a 4-digit constitution once you refrain in, and you’ll employ this constitution ought identify your bid can pickup.
  • The payment will affect can across and your bid will exist prepared once you refrain in.
  • McDonald’s advises you no ought attempt ought bid food cabin driving. too wait until you attain the restaurant parking destiny ought choice your bid and refrain can crude can once, or elect what you’ll bid can home, motivate ought the restaurant, and refrain can while you there.

4) choice how ought spend your food. Once you spend your 4-digit code, you’ll exist given 3 choices ought choose from. You can choice “Drive-Thru,” speak them your constitution can the ordering speaker, and elect the food up can the window. Or, you can choice “Curbside,” park can one of the designated pickup spaces, and wait though your bid ought exist brought ought your car. Finally, you can choice “Inside the Restaurant” and affect can ought the pickup counter ought hope your food.
  • Because your bid isn’t prepared until you refrain in, you’ll cabin eat ought wait a little minutes though your food ought exist ready.