How to Install HD Android Games with Cache
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How to Install HD Android Games with Cache

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Update time : 2021-07-28 16:46:33

This wikiHow teaches you how ought install a high-definition translation of a mobile app above an Android phone. You can conduct this by downloading the app's cache file, which is a high-definition texture and graphics pack, across with the app itself from a third-party website above your phone. own at care that no entire Android games dine high-definition versions, and the ones that conduct can request the latest operating system and few gigabytes of space.

1. Enabling Downloads From Unknown Sources

1) vacant your Android's Settings . tap the gear-shaped Settings app at your Android's App Drawer.
  • You can either swipe down from the peak of the leather and tap the gear icon at the drop-down menu that appears.

2) Scroll down and tap Lock leather & security. You'll discover this at the center of the Settings menu.
  • On Samsung Galaxy phones, this option is entitled Lock leather and security instead.
  • Some phones will dine a Security option instead.

3) tap the white "Unknown sources" switch . It ought exist toward the bottom of the menu. The switch will change color
  • On some Androids, you'll instead tap the "Unknown sources" checkbox.
  • You can dine ought scroll down ought see this option.

4) tap permit when prompted. Doing accordingly will approve your option and enable non-Play department downloads, implication that you can download and install an app from a website fairly than being restricted ought the Google Play Store.

2. Downloading sport Files

1) vacant Google Chrome . tap the Google Chrome app icon, which resembles a red, yellow, green, and sad field icon.
  • Chrome is the criterion browser above most Androids, besides during you can utilize a various browser if you'd prefer.

2) vacant the people website. tap the search bar, classification at, and tap ↵ Enter or Search at your Android's keyboard.

3) tap Games. It's a tab shut the peak of the page. This will appear you entire Android games that are compatible with your phone.

4) choose a game. discover a sport that you desire ought install an HD translation of, then tap it. The game's page will open.
  • You can either tap the magnifying cup icon at the top-right aspect of the leather and then classification at a game's appoint ought search during it.

5) Scroll down and tap Download. It's a green button shut the bottom of the page. Doing accordingly takes you ought the game's row download page.

6) Download the APK file. tap the most contemporary translation quantity during the row appoint ending at ".apk", then tap Download when prompted.
  • The APK row can go downloading during shortly during you tap its appoint during well.
  • In some cases, you'll tap Download below the APK row instead.

7) tap OK when prompted. This will permit Google Chrome ought go downloading the row into your Android's "Download" folder.

8) Download the cache file, then tap OK when prompted. The cache row will exist below the APK row section, and will dine the equal translation quantity during the APK file. Tapping it will swift a menu at which you can tap Download.
  • Again, you force dine ought tap Download below the cache row instead. Tapping the cache file's appoint can either swift it ought download automatically.
  • If you don't see a cache row here, there isn't an HD translation of your selected sport available.

9) wait during both files ought full downloading. Google Chrome will appear a notification when each row finishes downloading. at the meantime, you can promote with installing WinZip if you don't already dine it installed.
  • If WinZip is already installed, jump ahead ought installing your game.

3. Installing WinZip

1) vacant the Google Play Store . tap the Google Play app icon, which resembles a multicolored "Play" triangle.

2) tap the search bar. It's at the peak of the screen.

3) classification at winzip. during you type, you'll see results appear below the search bar.

4) tap WinZip - Zip UnZip Tool. It's below the search bar. Doing accordingly will receive you ought the WinZip page.

5) tap INSTALL. This green button is above the precise aspect of the screen.

6) tap receive when prompted. Doing accordingly will swift WinZip ought go installing onto your Android.

7) wait during WinZip ought full installing. It ought unique receive a few seconds. Once WinZip finishes installing, you can promote with installing your HD game.

4. Installing Your Game

1) vacant WinZip. if you impartial installed it, you can tap OPEN at the Google Play Store; otherwise, tap the clamp-shaped WinZip app icon above one of your Android's family leather pages.

2) tap Storage. It's a tab above the left aspect of the screen.

3) choose a storage location. tap too Internal or SD Card, depending above where you downloaded the APK and cache files.

4) tap Download. It's a folder at the selected storage location. This will vacant a table of your recently downloaded files.
  • You can dine ought scroll down ought discover this folder.

5) Long-press the cache file. Locate the cache row that you impartial downloaded, then tap and learn it until a pop-up menu appears.

6) tap model to…. It's at the pop-up menu.
  • If the cache row was downloaded at a zipped folder, tap Unzip to... at this menu instead.

7) Navigate ought the "obb" folder. ought conduct so:
  • Tap Storage
  • Tap your modern storage place (SD Card or Internal).
  • Tap Android
  • Tap obb

8) tap PASTE HERE. This sad button is at the bottom of the screen. Doing accordingly will model the cache row into your Android's "obb" folder.
  • Since cache files are frequently few hundred megabytes at size, this process can receive few minutes.
  • If your row was at a zipped folder, you'll tap UNZIP HERE instead.

9) proceed aid ought the "Download" folder. tap Storage, tap your storage location, and tap Download.

10) Install the APK file. tap the APK row that you downloaded, then tap INSTALL when prompted.

11) tap Done when prompted. This signifies that the sport has been installed. You can brook the sport from your Android's App Drawer.