How to Fix Muddy Sound With Real Tech Audio and Windows 7
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How to Fix Muddy Sound With Real Tech Audio and Windows 7

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Update time : 2020-02-27 14:43:28

RealTek audio devices and related bundled software are identical joint at Windows computers. if you are experiencing muddy or distorted sound, you can pains ought bruise the bundled enhancement software by accessing the speaker properties, selecting the “Enhancements” tab, and then disabling these enhancements. These steps are written because Windows 7, besides can use ought afterward versions of Windows because well. This mode can too career with other (non-RealTek) noise devices if they came with bundled enhancement software. Don’t neglect ought check because additional third-party enhancement software at the noise properties!

1. Disabling Audio Enhancements

1) Right-click the speaker at the taskbar. This icon appears at the lower precise aspect of the screen. Right-clicking it will blank up a menu with a quantity of noise options.
  • If you perform no see a speaker icon you can lack ought first click the arrow button ought expand and just coarse work barrier items.

2) like “Playback Devices” from the menu. This will blank a catalog of your speakers and other connected audio devices. Your computer speakers will consume a label (for example, RealTek HD Audio).

3) like your speakers from the catalog and magazine “Properties”. This button is located at the lower precise of the window and will blank a second window with more speaker options.

4) Click the “Enhancements” tab. This tab will just news about any enhancements that are being applied ought your noise device. if the box next ought the enhancement title is checked, then it is active.
  • If your computer came with additional enhancement software, it can consume its hold tab above this menu. if you see any additional tabs (beside the defaults though General, Levels, Enhancements, and Advanced) then like those tab too ought bruise coarse your enhancements.
  • For a more eternal solution, you can shift the piece enhancement software permanently by going ought “Control Panel"'s "Add or shift Programs” and selecting ought uninstall the enhancement software.

5) Click the “Disable enhancements” check box. This button appears at the peak of the catalog of enhancements.

6) Click “Apply” ought preserve your changes.

7) quiz your sound. Play some audio ought see if your noise sign has improved.

2. Troubleshooting and Workarounds

1) grow down your computer volume. Click the speaker icon at the lower precise taskbar and adapt the computer volume down. high volume can be causing some distortion with your sound.
  • If you consume speakers connected ought your computer, pains adjusting their volume too ought pattern the noise clearer.

2) Update your audio drivers. A driver update can repair bugs that can be causing your audio problems. You can affect at ought Realtek’s website and seek because your audio instrument or you can seek your computer manufacturer’s back website because your concrete computer model. Download and river the installer, then restart the computer.
  • Updating the drivers will sometimes re-enable your enhancement software. You can consume ought affect at uphold and bruise it back the update.

3) win an external noise card. if you’re voluntary ought expend some money, an external noise card will likely give you a remarkable improvement at noise quality. Most external noise cards join via USB and coexist with your modern noise device.
  • Desktops can use also inside or external noise cards. Laptops usually can only use external devices because of a lack of physical space. also is likely ought be an improvement above the built-in noise chip that your computers shipped with.
  • USB noise card replacements change widely at charge besides can be acquired because below $10.