How many kinds of digital signage do you know?
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How many kinds of digital signage do you know?

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-22 15:22:24
1. Inductive advertising machine: the human body microwave intelligent advertising machine designed by using Doppler principle and advanced microwave and microprocessor technology can accurately detect moving objects. When the target enters the sensing range, the switch will automatically judge whether it meets the set value of technical parameters, and then automatically turn on the load. As long as the target does not leave the sensing range, the switch will continue to open. When the target object leaves, the switch will automatically turn off the load after a period of delay. Human microwave intelligent induction advertising machine can adjust microwave induction parameters according to specific environment. Adjustable sensing distance: 2m ~ 15m, adjustable sensing environment: 3Lux ~ 2000lux, adjustable sensing delay: 0.5s ~ 100s. The detection range can reach 15m ~ 20m. The delay is 8 seconds to 12 seconds or 80 seconds to 100 seconds.
2. Alarm advertising machine: the one button alarm advertising machine can be networked with the 110 command center of the Ministry of public security. Adopt 180 ° or 360 ° high-resolution camera to realize 24-hour real-time monitoring; If an alarm occurs, there is no need to dial the alarm phone. Just click the 110 alarm button to lock the alarm location, time period and the actual situation of the crime scene, and have a direct dialogue with the 110 command center through intelligent voice. 110 after receiving the alarm, the command center will promptly send additional heads of surrounding forces to deal with on-site emergencies. In addition to the 110 criminal alarm, the equipment also retains the interface with 119 fire alarm and 120 first aid.
3. Touch all-in-one machine: touch all-in-one machine, also known as touch query all-in-one machine, is a machine and equipment that perfectly combines the touch screen, LCD screen, industrial PC unit (host) with the shell of the all-in-one machine and realizes touch operation through the power line. Users can directly touch the display screen with their fingers or other objects to query local information or letters. If the machine is connected to the Internet, it can also query any public information or data on the Internet. The main function of touch query all-in-one machine is touch query. However, it also has many additional practical functions: TV function, computer function, karaoke function, telephone function, video game function, conference function, whiteboard function, projector function, shopping guide function, monitoring function, picture in picture function, etc.