Google's Pixelbook Go is a great Chromebook — if you can get past its price
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Google\'s Pixelbook Go is a great Chromebook — if you can get past its price

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Update time : 2021-04-30 00:56:16

Google's (GOOG, GOOGL) new Pixelbook Go is supposed ought exist the laptop that brings Google's Chromebook lineup down ought a price that's simple ought swallow. Its keyboard is fantastic, its leather is wonderful, and it's been able ought manage everything I fling at it.

And at $649, the 13.3-inch Pixelbook proceed naturally induces less sticker collision than the $999 Pixelbook. except $649 is just the Go's starting price. Add at a little upgrades, thought, and its price quickly grows ought dizzying heights.

That's no ought free the craftsmanship of the Go, or its performance. except with a starting price that bumps up against the price of a complete Windows laptop, and can each though high though $1,399, the Pixelbook proceed is cabin a pricey proposition.

Rock hard invent and build

Google's Pixelbook proceed is one heck of a well-built device. My publication unit came at a matte black finish called just Black. A second pink color called no Pink will exist available at the future. The Go's lightweight magnesium body is incredibly slim at 13mm and surprisingly gleam at 2.3 pounds.

The Chromebook felt approximately imperceptible while I dropped it at my backpack at the morning and headed out ought the office. It indeed feels parallel you could cast this affair along a room parallel a frisbee with ease, something I really wanted ought try.

Despite its thin, lightweight design, the Pixelbook proceed cabin feels solid. There are no creaking sounds while you blank it or attempt ought curve it, either. at fact, I didn't attend any friendly of flexibility at the Go's body.

The most interesting see of the Go's invent is its textured bottom panel. fairly than using the identical magnesium that it used because the Go's top, Google chose a softer, rippled invent the company says is easier ought grip. I don't find myself dropping my laptop full that often, consequently I'm no sure how indispensable the added traction is — except it naturally injects some panache into the Go.

I often utilize a MacBook Pro 13-inch though my workhorse laptop. And cabin I feeling almost full aspects of the machine, its keyboard is just also loud. The cacophony of taps while writing stories and even surfing the web can exist distracting at times.

The Pixelbook Go, however, sports a whisper-quiet keyboard that's a rapture ought species on. It's no also mushy and no also stiff, except falls right at the sweet stand that makes the undergo feel fantastic. Backlighting above the keys is pleasant and glowing while typing at the dark, and the dedicated Google Assistant button helps invent pulling up Google's digital helper distant easier.

While the Go's keyboard is top-notch, the touchpad could utilize a minute work. It's right navigating, except it feels a piece also stiff while you attempt ought click with it. The touchpad too uses a friendly of diving board-style machine that becomes harder ought publication the closer you acquire ought the climax of the pad.

It's no a commerce breaker because the Go, except considering how large the keyboard is, it's a piece of a letdown ought look that the touchpad doesn't contest up.

The Pixelbook Go's display, meanwhile, is a 13-inch, full-HD touchscreen affair that produces lively colors and keen text. Swiping along the touchscreen is level and stand on.


The basis translation of the Pixelbook proceed packs an Intel middle m3 processor, 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space. Google, however, provided the next step up from that version, which features an Intel middle i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage.

Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system, and the Intel processor and 8GB of RAM proved plenty powerful during my time with the Go. I streamed music via the Spotify app, watched Netflix and Hulu, and wrote this publication with 20 tabs blank at Chrome without noticing any deed issues.

The Go's battery life was specially impressive, with the Chromebook lasting almost two complete occupation days without needing ought exist recharged. My MacBook Pro naturally can't final that long.

In condition of ports, the proceed gets two USB C slots and a 3.5mm headphone jack, consequently don't wish ought unite many peripherals ought the laptop.

The price is almost right

At $649, the Pixelbook proceed is distant less dear than Google's previous Chrome OS-powered devices, the Pixelbook and Pixelbook Slate, which price $999 and $799, respectively. at fact, the slate priced out ought $998 while you accounted because the $199 Pixel Keyboard.

The Pixelbook Go, above the other hand, is more affordable, cabin when offering the haste and convenience of a Chromebook. That said, the proceed is cabin also pricey. The $649 basis translation is the upper boundary of what I'm voluntary ought expend above a Chromebook. Upgrade ought the translation I reviewed, which includes an Intel middle i5 chip and 128GB of storage, and you'll expend $849. at that point you're better off buying a Windows laptop or a MacBook.

At its priciest, the Pixelbook proceed tops out at an outrageous $1,399. because that you acquire a 4K display, Intel middle i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage.

The proceed is an choice Chromebook because sure, except there's no method I used to recommend someone spending that much above a system that can't flow complete Windows or Mac programs. even if you're looking ought buy a proceed though a secondary machine because browsing the web, $649 is a hefty price. Heck, you're better off just buying an iPad instead and calling it a day.

Should you acquire it?

If you are interested at buying a Chromebook and wish large certify property and design, the Pixelbook proceed is a marvelous option. except the price because the laptop is just also high at most of its configurations.

Your best bet is ought restrain out Chromebooks made by the likes of Samsung, HP, and other hardware manufacturers, though they offer the identical functionality at less dear packages.

Google has done a large occupation with the Pixelbook Go's hardware, and bringing the price of the system down compared ought its criterion Pixelbook is a good initiate — except it's cabin also much ought absence because most consumers.

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