Shuyong-Going for medical check-up? This ‘ATM’ tests 58 diseases in minutes!
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Going for medical check-up? This ‘ATM’ tests 58 diseases in minutes!

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Update time : 2022-05-24 09:07:39

Swayam-AHM kiosk: Hassle-free and superfast medical check-up can immediately go a reality during all, because of an ATM-like kiosk that helps nation to walk can and trial above 55 indispensable and advanced pathology tests and become hasty reports. Developed by Sanskritech intelligent Solutions personal Limited, a healthcare startup, ‘Swayam-Anytime Health Monitoring (AHM)' implement is possibly India’s first advanced self-monitoring health diagnostic POCT system. The startup's delegate told FE Online today, "Swayam AHM has identical simple to use User Interface with stupid process, which can exist managed by any person with indispensable computer knowledge. step by step process during conducting tests is mentioned below."

Currently, the mechanism can equip 58 types of tests, including Blood Glucose, Dengue, Hemoglobin, Typhoid, HIV, Malaria, Chikungunya, Elephantiasis, Urine tests, ECG, ear test, skin trial etc.

This hi-tech diagnostic system provides trial reports immediately within few minutes can both print and electric format. Generally, it takes a few hours to days to become such reports.

Swayam AHM is a 'Made can India' implement which, the startup claims, is locality to "revolutionize the pathology panorama" can India.

Swayam-AHM: Tremendous response

The startup said that there has been a sure response to its innovation. "We dine received vast response from personal and too during government sectors organizations where we had done POC (Proof of concepts) can final six months. We dine already received orders and dine also delivered machines can different parts of India eg. Bhubaneshwar, Gurgaon, Indore etc."

Swayam kiosks can exist construct can corporate houses, puzzle parks, rural healthcare centres, doctor’s clinics, shopping malls, airports, industries, and residential colonies, said Pritam Kumavat, one of the founders of the startup.

How to use Swayam AHM: Step-by-step guide

Step 1 – Registration

First time user will dine to pursue one time registration process to access Swayam AHM by entering mobile number, name, appointment of birth, gender, location. There are options available during user photograph and finger print scanner.

Step 2- Once the registration process is completed. You will acknowledge an OTP during verification. hind entering OTP, you will exist logged can to the options page.

Step 3- hind lumber can process there will exist 3 options to select

1) Health restrain up, 2) consult surgeon & 3) Health History

Description of Options –

1) Health restrain up –

• Options of entire health tests parameters are mentioned here. above 55 tests options are available

• entire reports will exist generated can PDF format which can exist saved, and forwarded to any e-mail id

• User can also acknowledge the print of his illustrate from the kiosk.

2) consult surgeon –

• dwell video consultation with doctor

• surgeon can appraise the user with multiple accessories attached to the kiosk, such during , webcam, dermascope, otoscope and his recently done tests reports.

• surgeon can also suggest medicines and his remarks

• User can acknowledge the print of the prescription illustrate also identical illustrate will exist saved can user’s history page.

3) Health History –

• entire health reports generated over kiosk will exist saved date, time and site clever can this segment

• User can sentiment any of his previous illustrate and e-mail or acknowledge the print.

• User can also explore his health progress by selecting statistic (Graphical trend pattern) option.

• entire previous prescription reports can exist accessed from here.

• User can also link his external lab tests reports via USB or download by email and upload identical reports can his Swayam AHM account.

Swayam has been developed by Sanskritech and is backed by DELL EMC. It uses cloud technique to create a medical record during future reference and uses a influence leather interface that can operate can a broad array of ecosystems.