Future development trend of industrial touch screen PC:
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Future development trend of industrial touch screen PC:

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-12-13 15:00:20
In modern control, industrial touch screen is more and more widely used, which can be said to be all over various industrial control fields. Some industrial touch screen PCs can be combined with some boards and cards with special functions, and some only have the same functions as ordinary computers, but ordinary home or office computers are civil grade, while industrial touch screen PCs are industrial grade, which have special requirements in other aspects of structure.
In terms of appearance, most ordinary computers are open, with more cooling holes and only one fan blowing from the outside of the chassis. The industrial touch screen PC case is totally enclosed, and its weight is much heavier than that of ordinary computer case. The plate used in the intelligent touch all-in-one display is getting thicker and thicker because it is stronger. There is not only a fan for power supply, but also an internal blower to maintain positive pressure in the housing. In this way, the appearance structure can prevent dust, shield electromagnetic and other internal interference.
In terms of power supply, the power supply of formal industrial computers is different from ordinary power supply. It uses resistors, capacitors and coils several levels higher than ordinary household appliances. The load capacity of industrial touch screen PC is also much larger. Under the same load capacity, there is a large inductance coil in the power supply of industrial touch screen PC.