Functions of information kiosk
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Functions of information kiosk

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-22 15:03:31
1. Touch query
This is the most popular point of the touch information kiosk. Like mobile phones, users query and read public information through the touch screen, and the style of the query page follows the principle of tidiness and tidiness. The whole query system interface also makes full use of modern multimedia technology, with pictures and texts, beautiful background music and dynamic picture effect, which can bring users visual and auditory enjoyment.
2. User role management
Users can realize the role management of administrators and ordinary users directly on the touch screen. That is, the administrator can edit and modify all page files and realize the real-time update of all query machines. Ordinary users can only modify the content within the scope of authorization after authorization.
3. LAN sharing
The contents of page files of some information kiosks can be shared through LAN to complete self-service printing. For example, in a bank, users can use their ID card and bank card to print daily accounts, swipe cards, print reports and pay fees next to the information kiosk, which greatly reduces the burden on staff.
4. Query content update
The information kiosk is divided into local update and remote update. Local update is the tax office's update of its own content; Remote update is a unified remote update of all query machine contents through the console.
5. Beautiful appearance
Self service inquiry machines often use surface acoustic wave screen, which has the advantages of anti scratch, less reflection, fast sliding screen speed and long service life. Secondly, the streamlined appearance also has a very good affinity and sense of the times.
With the rapid development of electronic machines, stable self-service inquiry machines are gradually used in all aspects of our daily life, study and work. It has been widely used because of its high cost performance, customized design and strong environmental adaptability. In short, no matter where people go to work, as long as they encounter the touch query all-in-one machine in the hall, and then gently touch the screen with their fingers, people can see the required information.