Four characteristics of information touch screen kiosk for shopping malls
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Four characteristics of information touch screen kiosk for shopping malls

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-09 09:53:24
The self-service inquiry machine used in large shopping malls adopts imported automobile metal baking paint and metal smooth paint, which has good rust and corrosion resistance, so this kind of inquiry machine can ensure the appearance aesthetics for a long time; It also has the characteristics of anti magnetism and anti-static. The full touch control system is more humanized and plays an important role in large shopping malls. In recent years, the number of users has increased year by year. Let's tell you the four characteristics of the special self-service query machine in the mall.
First, it has rich interfaces and good compatibility
In large shopping malls, the self-service query machine is not only used for query, but also needs to undertake a lot of peripheral work, so it has rich interfaces. In addition to the power cord socket, there are also network cable interface, USB interface, mouse and keyboard interface, which can be freely connected with other devices according to different use needs.
The second capacitor has strong touch sensitivity
Due to the large flow of people in large shopping malls and the frequent use of query machines, capacitive touch screens are mostly used. This kind of touch screen has strong sensitivity, no delay, no drift in positioning and point to point. It has automatic correction function, and the contact can be more accurate through pressure sensing.
Third, simple installation and maintenance
The query guidance interface of this professional self-service query machine is separated from the maintenance interface, and professionals can set it freely. After optimization and integration, the system makes the maintenance easier, and there is no need to equip special maintenance personnel at each query terminal, so the maintenance cost of this kind of query machine is lower.
The fourth humanized interface is easy to operate
No matter whether you have contacted the self-service query machine or not, it can operate without obstacles. It adopts a humanized design interface without any complex operation skills. The system menu is more concise after optimization. Users only need to make touch selection according to their use needs. Therefore, it has good interactivity. It has become the most popular self-service query machine equipment by customers.
These are the advantages of self-service query machines in large shopping malls. To sum up, this kind of query machine has rich content and strong functionality. It is simpler to use after structural optimization. It can be used as both query equipment and advertising equipment; Moreover, the system can be updated as needed. It can display pictures, videos and words in an all-round way, with good display and guidance effect.