Do you know that the choice of shell material of standalone digital signage is very important?
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Do you know that the choice of shell material of standalone digital signage is very important?

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-22 15:13:36
At present, the standalone digital signage on the market are basically made of hardware shell materials, and plastic shell is rarely used. But why is the hardware shell more popular with users?
First of all, not all standalone digital signage use metal casings, and some standalone digital signage still use plastic casings. However, compared with metal shell, the manufacturing of plastic shell also needs mold opening. In addition, due to the characteristics of plastic raw materials: plastic raw materials shrink when heated, and the expansion coefficient is much greater than that of metal; The stiffness of ordinary plastic raw materials is one order of magnitude lower than that of metal, the mechanical properties of plastic raw materials will be significantly reduced under long-term heating, and plastic raw materials are very sensitive to notch damage; The mechanical properties of plastic raw materials are usually much lower than those of metals. Some online standalone digital signage use plastic shells, and the specific strength and specific modulus of composites are higher than those of metals. If the product design is reasonable, its advantages will be brought into full play; The mechanical properties of ordinary reinforced plastics are different.
Of course, the network advertising machine adopts hardware: it has fashionable and exquisite tempered glass maintenance LCD panel, 90mm thick aluminum alloy profile frame, and adopts paint baking process and high-quality cold-rolled steel plate back cover; The inner frame and device plate shall be made of anti-corrosion and anti rust galvanized plate; The surface of LCD shell is treated with rust prevention and phosphating, electrostatic plastic spraying, painting and paint baking. Of course, it's just about standalone digital signage. If it is an LCD advertising machine.