Differences between lcd advertising board and standing advertising display
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Differences between lcd advertising board and standing advertising display

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-09 09:23:59
With the popularity of advertising machines, they can be seen everywhere. We should also see that some machines are hung on the wall and others are directly placed on the ground. These two kinds are called wall advertising machines and vertical advertising machines in the industry. Do you know the difference between the two devices?
First, the appearance of the product
From the literal meaning, it is easy to understand that the vertical advertising machine is floor mounted and can be placed directly on the ground. There is no limitation on the location. It can be placed as long as there is an empty space. It is very flexible and can be moved at will. Wall mounted advertising machine is hung on the wall or other objects, which is similar to the current LCD TV. It saves space and is beautiful.
2. Applicable occasions
Floor mounted advertising machines are generally suitable for banks, hotel lobbies, hospital halls, subways, government institutions, exhibition halls, museums, fashion atmosphere, displaying business information, interpreting brand culture and improving image.
Wall mounted advertising machines are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, catering stores, building elevators and stations. They are hung on the wall to save space. They are suitable for places with limited space and places with large flow of people and small space.
3. Price
Under the same configuration size, the price of wall mounted advertising opportunity is lower than that of vertical advertising machine.
The above is the difference between the two. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, we choose the one suitable for ourselves according to our own use environment, place and configuration requirements. Guangzhou Shuyong suggested that no matter what type of advertising machine, choosing what is suitable for you is the best, which can meet your own requirements and better realize value.