Difference between PLC and industrial panel pc
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Difference between PLC and industrial panel pc

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-12-07 09:11:37
1. Differences in hardware structure. industrial panel pc and PLC are composed of CPU CPI, memory, input and output equipment, etc. PLC is a special calculator, but it has a different bus architecture from industrial panel pc.
2. Cost performance difference. Both industrial panel pc and PLC have the characteristics of high performance, high integration, modularization, mass production and wide application. When the designed control system has no more complex requirements such as data processing, graphic display or motion trajectory, the selection of PLC can obtain better cost performance.
3. Differences in peripheral configuration. Compared with PLC, IPC has more abundant external equipment, such as display, driver, printer and network interface card, which are all standard components. As long as the peripherals produced by different manufacturers are equipped with corresponding driver software, they can be common to each other. However, PLC peripherals have few types and strong specificity, and peripherals of different brands cannot be used in general.
On the problem of PLC industrial control computer, this paper focuses on the relationship between PLC and industrial control computer, as well as the difference between PLC and industrial control computer. It can be seen that PLC industrial panel pc is an integral part of process control and automation