Development advantages of vertical advertising machine
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Development advantages of vertical advertising machine

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-03 14:23:18
Vertical advertising machine is a new type of communication equipment. Through the use of artificial interaction, image recognition and other science and technology, it plays a more and more obvious role in promoting the publicity of advertising machine. Because it has the advantages of strong functionality and easy renewal, it is welcomed by many consumers. Do you know why vertical advertising machine is so popular with users?
Vertical advertising machine manufacturers increasingly have the purpose of improving the function of the whole machine. The difference lies in the internal hardware. In fact, most of them are aimed at industrial products. They choose industrial motherboards. The difference between itself and commercial motherboards is that in non mass production, the type of products is relatively stable
The function of today's commercial machines is also beginning to get better and better. Today, many industries are beginning to use commercial machines with lower cost. There are great changes in business opportunities in the market. People's preference for vertical advertising machines has become a reality without debate. What are the advantages of vertical advertising machines?
The front panel of vertical advertising machine is mostly made of aluminum magnesium alloy die casting, which has reached a very high-quality protection level. It is strong and durable, and is relatively light in weight. It is precisely because of the small volume of the industrial touch all-in-one machine that the device and protection are very convenient; Therefore, the industrial touch tablet computer is the structure of an all-in-one machine. The host, the display and the contact screen are integrated, which has better quality and stability.
If the relatively popular contact function, the operation can be simplified and the planning can be more convenient and humanized. Most industrial contact vertical advertising machines are planned without electric fans. As for today's large-area fin aluminum block heat dissipation, the power consumption and noise of vertical advertising machines will become relatively small.