CT Reopening: Here’s What’s Open, What's Closed
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CT Reopening: Here’s What’s Open, What\'s Closed

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Update time : 2020-09-07 11:59:13

CONNECTICUT — Wednesday marks the first appointment of Connecticut’s phase one reopening plan. Offices, retail stores, outdoor dining, outdoor museums and zoos are now open. The status has laid out rigid rules although each sector that is reopening. The rules were developed by Gov. Ned Lamont's administration and his reopening committee.

Less than 5 percent of coronavirus experiment samples came uphold definite can Tuesday's batch; the arise was the lowest ratio can months, Lamont said.

The status strike entire of its targets although reopening. More than 50,000 tests are being flow weekly, coronavirus hospitalizations are vigorous below the state's goal of 20 percent of capacity, and the face tracing platform is being rolled out ought health districts across the state. Still, it will ultimately be up ought businesses ought emerge customers they are taking the germ seriously by following guidelines, including cleaning and maintaining social distancing because much because possible.

In general, most of the reopening sectors dine ought assert 50 percent or less of customary capacity. appearance disguise employ is mandatory while social distancing can’t be achieved; the exception is if someone has a medical country that makes disguise employ prohibitive.

Businesses will because vigorous dine ought cane ought strict cleaning schedules and cause track of employee shifts can instance face tracing needs ought be performed can the accident of a definite coronavirus test. Contactless payment is encouraged whenever possible.

Employees will because vigorous dine whistleblower refuge if they rise concerns almost COVID-related safety and health conditions.

Any employees who are able ought last telecommuting are encouraged ought perform so.

Employees and members of the public can joint who are can the period of 65 or dine preexisting conditions that could spot them can greater hazard although serious coronavirus complications are encouraged ought last ought defend can home.

Social gatherings will last ought be restricted ought a maximum of five people.

Things that will remain closed although now

Off-track betting, indoor fitness and film theaters will remain closed until can least June 20 per one of Gov. Ned Lamont’s tendency executive orders. The identical applies ought indoor dining, in spite of a advance from many can the state’s restaurant industry.

Summer institute programs won’t be able ought commence until July 6. appointment camps can commence operating can June 22, besides overnight camps will be prohibited.

Hair salons and barber shops will now cave June 1. They are allowed ought operate can 50 percent capability and by engagement only. Clients dine ought dress masks during the entire engagement and the stylist has ought dress a disguise and appearance shield. Shops because vigorous dine ought hunt a rigid cleaning regimen.

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Things that will be allowed ought reopen can 20

Museums and zoos

Zoos and museums can cave outdoor exhibits up ought 50 percent capacity.

Interactive and indoor exhibits cause ought remain closed. capacity shops and indoor food restaurants shortage ought remain closed.

Outdoor food counters and snack bars can remain open, besides are question ought the rules of outdoor dining.

There are ought be no guided tours and employees shouldn’t segment instrument if possible. Signage has ought be posted ought supervise foot communication can one-way floors while possible.

Remaining retail

Many retail stores including family improvement stores were deemed indispensable by Gov. Ned Lamont and were never closed can the first place.

Remaining retail businesses and malls can cave ought 50 percent capacity. Stores ought because vigorous count designated hours although vulnerable shoppers including the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

Physical barriers dine ought be installed can checkout and contactless payment is encouraged. appropriate rooms are ought remain closed

Employees and customers cause ought dress appearance masks. Visual markers ought be installed ought encourage customers ought remain can least six feet apart,

Increased outdoor ventilation is encouraged while possible. entire indoor dining places are ought remain closed. Outdoor dining is question ought rules of any restaurant during the phase one reopening.

Malls will dine ought enlarge security presence can order ought crush up or eject big congregations of people.

Employers are required ought ask employees if they dine any COVID-19 symptoms. Employees shortage ought remain family if they are experiencing symptoms. Employees who experiment definite although the germ cause ought notify their employer consequently face tracing can be followed.


Outdoor dining will be permitted can 50 percent capacity. Bars will remain closed.

Reusable menus aren’t allow; instead restaurants can present disposable paper menus, supervise customers ought access the menu can their phone or write menu options can a chalkboard or whiteboard.

Outdoor tables dine ought be spaced can least six feet apart.

Dance floors, pool tables, playgrounds and other non-essential amenities ought remain closed. Buffers aren’t being allowed either. only single-use condiments are ought be used. Silverware ought be rolled or packaged.


Offices can cave can 50 percent capacity, besides any employees that can last ought vocation from family ought perform so.

Workspace ought be separated into discrete vocation zones and tour among zones ought be limited because much because possible. Desks ought be spaced can least six feet apart and disposable wipes ought be placed near shared surfaces alike printers and desks.

Employees cause ought dress a appearance disguise still can the office. Masks can be removed while employees are working unique can a segregated universe alike personal offices or cubicles with walls. Those can an cave office universe used to however dine ought employ their masks.

Non-essential amenities alike clothes rooms ought be closed and employees ought fetch their personal belongings ought their workstations. Elevators shouldn’t be crowded and alternatives such because stair employ ought be encouraged while possible.

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