Bangladesh---- shipment of 5 Sample queuing machines
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Bangladesh---- shipment of 5 Sample queuing machines

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Author : Susu
Update time : 2021-01-25 16:10:10

Bangladesh---- shipment of 5  Sample queuing machines

The bank queuing machine adopts an atmospheric and beautiful structure: integrated streamlined shape, compact and scientific specifications, extraordinary performance and quality: clear and clear images, comfortable touch on the screen, diverse and accurate bills, multiple functions: business inquiry, content Introduction, customer ticket collection, and rich value-added services: it can be set according to different needs.

1. The queuing machine system has strong compatibility. The system successfully implements functions according to customer needs;
2. The number picking machine can support more than 100 types of services, and the system supports more than ten online unified issuing numbers;
3. The self-service number calling machine supports multiple waiting areas to prompt waiting information, and the voice and display of each waiting area can be independent;
4. The picture of the number issuing machine interface of the self-service number picking machine can be completely changed according to individual design;
5. Customers can completely set the working hours and suspension periods of various services of the queuing machine;
6. The information of self-service terminal voice calls can be changed independently by customers;

7. Any information displayed on the display screen of the queuing machine can be changed independently by customers;