Application of a face recognition thermometer
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Application of a face recognition thermometer

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Update time : 2021-09-30 08:56:09
It has been nearly a year since the first COVID-19 patient in China developed symptoms on December 1,2019.The rebound of the epidemic has always touched the hearts of the public.In September 2021, the epidemic began to fluctuate in Fujian Province, so the epidemic prevention and control should not be relaxed for a moment.
In order to effectively carry out prevention and control of the epidemic, for effective screening in communities, schools, banks, shopping malls, hospitals and other crowded places, Shu Yong developed a health code verification and face measurement machine.
Introduction of the main functions of face measuring machine:
I. Accurate screening and early warning for personnel with abnormal body temperature
Through the integration of infrared temperature measurement technology AI face recognition technology, passengers can accurately detect temperature and voice broadcast to ensure that the temperature error is within ± 0.3℃; for those who exceed the temperature threshold (administrators can preset the temperature threshold), the access authority will automatically fail and the system automatically alert. The security personnel immediately and the abnormal temperature will report immediately and handle according to the epidemic prevention procedure to make the visual management more handy
Two, the "code" on the passage
By using the traffic scheme of facial recognition temperature brush health code, quickly check the status of health epidemic prevention code and temperature information, voice prompt color of health code, green code traffic, yellow code alarm, epidemic screening work can be completed without a large number of labor, the whole "zero contact" passage.
III. Statistics and record inquiry of traffic personnel
The face recognition system automatically generates temperature attendance records, data statistical analysis and reports (exported) to help track recording personnel information.
The integrated application created by Shu Yong's epidemic prevention link in the post-epidemic era solves many pain points of traditional human epidemic prevention process, low efficiency and close contact with infection risk. The digital temperature verification registration, access control, identification verification, identification of state health code verification can be completed at any time.At present shu yong face recognition thermometer has in many cities across the country campus, community office buildings, medical places, government center, building property service center, traffic hub center, station machine taste entry and other intelligent epidemic prevention scene to achieve full coverage, avoid personnel contact, improve the level of automation, information management, maximize the efficiency of epidemic prevention control.