Analysis on the advantages of wall advertising machine
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Analysis on the advantages of wall advertising machine

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-10-12 14:26:09
With the development of smart city, wall mounted advertising machine has become a common advertising equipment in people's life. The main purpose of wall mounted advertising machine application is to release information advertising, better publicize companies and promote products. Compared with traditional advertising media such as TV, wall mounted advertising machine has much better advertising effect and much lower cost, Let's take a look at the advantages of wall advertising machine.
1、 Wall mounted advertising machine can play pictures, videos and text messages, and also support split screen playback of pictures and videos. Wall mounted advertising machine is divided into stand-alone version and network version. It has simple operation and strong practicability. It has a good effect on store, advertising industry and enterprise publicity.
2、 Compared with other traditional media, wall mounted advertising machines are very cheap, cost-effective and practical. Some wall mounted advertising machines applied in shopping malls can operate for 7 * 24 hours and play for a long time, so that the audience can imperceptibly absorb the advertising information.
3、 The appearance of wall mounted advertising machine is exquisite and elegant, fashionable and versatile. Compatible with various store decoration styles, harmonious painting style
4、 Wall mounted advertising machine has fast touch speed: it supports multi-point touch, which is lighter and faster. For high-capacity data query, the response speed is also one finger, and the speed is click back.
5、 Wall mounted advertising machine brings high-definition image quality, 360 degree visual and auditory experience, and its built-in high fidelity stereo makes clear sound quality ripple everywhere. Ultra wide angle display, no distortion, full angle display, small vision, strong impact.
6、 Wall mounted advertising machine supports wireless WiFi transmission: new network version, intelligent frontier, WiFi networking and enjoy high-speed Internet experience. You can also preset the program source: save time and power; Deliver content accurately according to time period. Let more people stay.
Wall mounted advertising machines are widely used in commercial office restaurants and building elevators, supermarkets and large supermarkets, aviation terminals and other places. I believe there will be more and more in the future, which is the inevitable trend of the development of wall mounted advertising machines