Advantages of wall mounted LCD advertising machine
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Advantages of wall mounted LCD advertising machine

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-11-04 08:52:06
Why can't LCD TV replace wall advertising machine? In fact, many businesses have thought about using LCD TV to insert U disk to play advertisements circularly, but they are not as comfortable as wall advertising machine, so they chose wall advertising machine. Why on earth? In terms of appearance, wall mounted advertising machines are very similar to LCD TVs, but they are very different for the following reasons:
1. The first is brightness: LCD advertising machines generally appear in open areas with good daylighting. Therefore, the brightness of LCD advertising machines is higher than that of TV sets. The screen of LCD advertising machines generally adopts industrial screen, while LCD TV generally adopts TV screen. In terms of cost, the screen price of LCD advertising machines is higher.
2. Image definition: compared with traditional TV, LCD advertising machine should have bandwidth compensation and promotion circuit in channel circuit to make its passband wider and image definition higher.
3. Appearance, due to the complexity and variability of the use environment of the advertising machine, the advertising machine mostly adopts a metal shell, which is more solid, easy to install and more beautiful. The toughened glass on the surface can prevent the LCD screen from being damaged in case of accidents, and the fragments generated when the toughened glass is damaged have no sharp edges and corners, so as to avoid damage to the crowd. LCD TV sets mostly use plastic shell, and the surface is not protected by tempered glass, so they do not have the above characteristics.
4. Stable performance is overriding: LCD advertising machines often operate 24 hours a day. In terms of the material of display panel players, the accumulated heat is very easy to aging electronic products due to long-time work. In appearance, the appearance of LCD advertising machine is mostly made of alloy materials, and LCD TV is made of plastic, which helps the heat dissipation of LCD advertising machine to a certain extent. Therefore, the heat dissipation performance of LCD advertising machine is stronger than that of LCD display and LCD TV. To ensure working in a variety of "uncomfortable environments", to ensure 24-hour uninterrupted work, and to improve the stability of LCD advertising machine, additional settings are required, and a certain cost is increased.
5. Difference of power supply: LCD advertising machine requires long-time work, so it has strict requirements for power supply. Generally, the power supply is required to have good self heat dissipation and stable performance. It is more durable than LCD TV in certain procedures.
6. Software difference: the software equipped with LCD advertising machine, whether stand-alone version or Android version, has the functions of automatic playback, programming setting, timing on / off, split screen playback, subtitles and so on. However, LCD TV can only simply play the stored contents such as USB flash disk, and can not realize automatic playback. It does not have human-computer interaction and simplicity of operation. As the saying goes, being is reasonable. The wall advertising machine exists for its reason. Its structure and functions are specially designed for the use of the media. Therefore, a similar LCD TV can not replace the wall advertising machine!
The above is the performance introduction and advantage analysis of wall mounted LCD advertising machine. Of course, this is only a simple and popular understanding. More functions and advantages need to be solved by you.