Advantages of wall advertising machine
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Advantages of wall advertising machine

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-09-28 15:11:23
Wall mounted LCD advertising machine as a high-tech product, its dynamic picture and vivid color can attract the positive attention of consumers. In addition, its playing time is generally the idle and boring waiting time of the target audience. Therefore, the vast majority of audiences will not have a negative psychology towards it, but will actively choose to watch it. The data show that among the real estate audience with LCD media, 74.2% will follow LCD TV media every time they wait for the elevator. The biggest reason for the audience of LCD TV media advertising is that they think they will not waste time when receiving such advertising information, and add some lively atmosphere to the boring waiting time.
In addition, the playing form of LCD advertising machine is very flexible. It can be combined with the product marketing activities according to the local situation. Playing the local promotion of products at the bottom of the screen can effectively shorten the distance between consumers and specific products and complete the purchase in a short time. From the perspective of communication environment, the advertising environment of LCD media is simpler. The enclosed space organically integrated with office buildings, hotels, supermarkets and high-end houses not only greatly reduces the interference of advertising, but also produces the characteristics of semi mandatory ratings. Compared with the frequency of contacting other media, the frequency of audience contacting LCD media every day is much higher than that of contacting other media.