Advantages of lcd advertising board
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Advantages of lcd advertising board

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Update time : 2021-11-12 11:26:00
Advantages of wall mounted LCD advertising machine:
1. The built-in video playback and sound system can automatically cycle playback when connected to the power supply. There is no need for manual operation. The function control operation is simple. There is a business card remote control. If you want to know more advantages of the wall mounted LCD, you can click the advertising period to view it.
2. Shell material: Hardware shell plus acrylic panel protection LCD screen, equipped with wall hanging plate;
3. The surface of the LCD screen is equipped with an ultra-thin high light transmittance acrylic glass protective layer to protect the LCD screen from human damage;
4. The appearance of the product is neat, the hardware structure is difficult to deform, the baking process is not rusty, the tightness is strong, there will be no big way, and the overall appearance is beautiful and solid
New original packaging screen;
6. Color: generally black. If there is a batch order, the color and silk screen logo can be customized free of charge
Basic function setting of Shuyong wall mounted LCD annunciator
1. Play program files
After correctly connecting the advertising machine, turn on the power. If the CF card has a play column
Table, set the current time of the advertising machine, and the advertising opportunity will automatically play according to the on-off time and program playing sequence set in the playlist. No playlist, this
The machine automatically plays the program content of CF card according to the set on-off time
2. Playlist file creation
Manage the on-off time of the advertising machine through the playlist, freely switch the single screen or split screen playback mode, play according to the file playback sequence defined by the user, and manage the playback of rolling subtitles of the running lantern, etc.