On the application of vertical advertising machine
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On the application of vertical advertising machine

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Author : Callie
Update time : 2021-09-16 15:47:20
With the continuous development of multimedia information communication technology, a variety of new multimedia intelligent devices have been born in the market, and vertical advertising machine is one of them. As an intelligent multimedia device mainly used in advertising, vertical advertising machine is one of the most popular advertising machines in the market. It has very powerful functions and its application field is expanding.
Nowadays, the application of vertical advertising machine in people's daily life has been very common. It can often be seen in shopping malls, hotels, chain stores, bars, stations, exhibition halls and other places. Next, let Shu Yong electronics explain to you what wonderful experiences the application of vertical advertising machine has brought to us?
From the perspective of consumers:
1. Consumers can receive the location, new product information, promotion activities and other information from the information released by the floor advertising machine;
2. All kinds of promotional advertisements broadcast by landing advertising machines can enhance consumers' impression and be more easily accepted;
3. The advertisements broadcast by the vertical advertising machine are vivid and attractive, so that consumers can enjoy a certain degree of comfort in terms of vision and hearing;
From the perspective of merchants and users:
1. Through the vertical advertising machine to display the business's corporate image and spiritual outlook, let consumers have a deeper impression of the business and expand the brand influence of the business;
2. Turning passive into active, with the increasing software functions of LCD advertising machines, advertising machines are becoming more and more popular in various industries. Based on this, vertical advertising machines, as a new type of intelligent advertising media communication equipment, have become a new talent different from other commercial displays. The first is the vertical advertising machine. The passive advertising broadcasting form is active, which attracts customers to actively browse advertisements through interaction.
3. Decorate the shopping environment. The vertical advertising machine has a simple and atmospheric shape imitating Apple mobile phone, which can fully decorate the shopping environment. Especially when multiple machines play synchronously, it can render a majestic momentum, so as to improve the grade and grade of the store.
4. Provide a new shopping experience. The vertical advertising machine manufacturer's own multimedia information release system and query system can uniformly recommend the mall's advertisements, the latest activities and the latest products to consumers.
The wide application of vertical advertising machine and the full recognition of users confirm that the application of vertical advertising machine not only brings a lot of convenience to consumers, but also creates more benefits to businesses.
Vertical advertising machine is only one of the application forms of LCD advertising machine. According to different application environments and application requirements, we can have many existing forms. More wonderful information is in Guangzhou Shuyong electronics. Welcome to consult.