The self-service touch screen kiosk simplifies the complicated consultation process in the hospital
By Susu | 19 October 2020 | 0 Comments

The self-service touch screen kiosk simplifies the complicated consultation process in the hospital

In recent years, Chinese society has continuously developed and improved, and the people's living standards have also been further improved. People are shifting from material to other aspects. For example, people began to pay great attention to their bodies. Every year, whenever there is any discomfort during the physical examination, I take time to go to the hospital. In this case, the hospital has become a busy place. As we all know, more and more hospitals still have excellent self-service palpation all-in-one machines to relieve the pressure of queuing and the panic of patients, that is, patients can check the department and electronic appointment number by themselves.

In recent years, China's aging trend has become more and more serious. The number of regular medical examinations and hospitalizations is increasing. In the hospital, patients and their families can see long lines, and medical staff can also see hard numbers everywhere. In this Zhang Wen, we can clearly see the relatively monotonous face of our medical staff. With this phenomenon, we are a big country, and the trend of aging is increasing, so it is necessary to deal with this problem. Under this circumstance, Brahma Control's electronic self-service touch inquiry machine has entered the medical industry.

The emergence of the self-service palpation machine has aroused the attention of the Chinese medical community. The happiness of medical sports is the foundation of human peace and happiness. With the emergence of one-stop self-service palpation machines in hospitals, many problems have been solved. Medical institutions can broadcast medical care, archives, hospitalization and other information through the Internet, so that all patients in the waiting area can receive treatment as planned in the waiting area. The self-service touch query all-in-one machine can query at any time. It can simplify the process of seeing diseases. In addition, the self-service touch query all-in-one machine can also solve the interaction between doctors and patients, providing map navigation, self-service query of hospital information, professional knowledge of doctors' departments, QR code appointments, entertainment information, etc. It greatly simplifies the complicated consultation and queuing of various departments in the hospital, and helps to reduce the anxiety and anxiety of patients. The structure of this machine is welcomed by medical staff and patients.


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