The future development trend of touch all-in-one
By Susu | 15 October 2020 | 0 Comments

The future development trend of touch all-in-one

1. Fast response
It is to improve economic efficiency. For companies, retailers and every user, experience is an important key that affects their attention and understanding. Quick response is what people have been asking for, and faster and better services are needed.

2. Functional distinction
Enterprise, retail, teaching, home use will be differentiated, such as conference kiosk, teaching kiosk, touch query kiosk, etc. According to the nature of the industry, more different considerations will be made in appearance or internal configuration and software.
3. High resolution
Although the current market for 4K LCD screens is very large, the actual applications are relatively few. Although some products use 4K displays, they will be converted to 2k displays. If you want a better visual experience, think To query the display in the zoomed-in display screen, 4k resolution has to be mentioned, so 4k touch all-in-one machines may become popular in the next two years.
4. Wider application fields
The advancement of technology will promote the continuous innovation of touch all-in-one products, with more and more powerful functions, and the continuous expansion of the range of applications and the increasing number of applications. People will also prefer to use touch all-in-ones.


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