In which areas are touch all-in-one machines generally used
By Susu | 08 October 2020 | 0 Comments

In which areas are touch all-in-one machines generally used

The LCD touch all-in-one machine can be operated by simple touch, which is very convenient. It can realize the functions of a computer, can also have a picture display function of a TV, and also supports a handwriting function of a whiteboard. It can be said that the LCD touch all-in-one machine integrates intelligence and has applications in many fields, and it is becoming more and more common now.

The touch operation is flexible and simple, and can be used for information query. For example, in many places where you need to inquire, the tax bureau can check your tax status through the LCD touch all-in-one machine, and the bank can check the balance in the card through the touch all-in-one machine. It can also be used for the telecommunication bureau to check the telephone bill, and the power bureau to check the electricity bill.

The LCD touch all-in-one machine can also be used in offices, such as company conference rooms and leadership offices. It is also widely used in teaching. Many elementary schools and universities have begun to promote the use of LCD touch all-in-ones, which can make students more intuitively understand the course content.

In addition, touch kiosks are often used in real estate sales. The all-in-one machine can display the types of real estate and apartments, allowing customers to operate by themselves, find the houses, pictures and dynamic demonstrations they want to see, so as to better understand the situation of the house and the surrounding environment, which is conducive to real estate transactions and can also save customers time.

LCD touch all-in-one machines are also used in the industrial field, but the use of special industrial touch all-in-one machines makes the shell thickness better, more durable to use, and has a very good anti-collision effect. Now all-in-one computers have been widely used in many fields and are becoming more and more popular. They can provide a lot of convenience for life and save a lot of time.


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