Shuyong-Face recognition

Face recognition

Features: support offline operation and online operation. Offline operation can directly insert USB flash disk to play content. Support Chinese and English voice broadcasting and multiple advertisements on one screen.
1.    8-inch IPS full view LCD display is adopted.
2.    Industrial appearance, stable and reliable.
3.    Support 2W face database. 1: The recognition rate of 1: n comparison is more than 99.7%, the recognition rate of 1: n comparison is more than 96.7% @ 0.1% false recognition rate, and the accuracy rate of in vivo detection is 98.3% @ 1% false rejection rate. The passing speed of face recognition is less than 1 second.
4.    It supports accurate face recognition and comparison when wearing masks.
5.    Industrial wide dynamic binocular camera, infrared and led double compensation at night.
6.    It supports the selection of Ruixin micro rk3288 four core processor, Ruixin micro rk3399 six core processor and Qualcomm msm8953 eight core processor, with strong performance.
7.    It supports human body temperature detection and temperature display. The optimal temperature detection distance is 0.5m and the farthest is 1m. The temperature measurement accuracy is ≤± 0.5 ℃. It supports automatic alarm of abnormal temperature, second detection speed, and real-time export of attendance temperature measurement data.
8.    It supports IC card swiping and QR code scanning for body temperature screening. Personnel without photos in the background can swipe by binding IC card number or scan QR code for body temperature screening. They can pass if their body temperature is normal.
9.    It supports the expansion of various peripherals such as ID card reader and fingerprint instrument.
10.    Support multiple API docking at system level, APP offline level and app + background network level, complete documents and support secondary development.