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32inch high brightnss no delay display 8000:1 Contrast Ratio sunlight outdoor advertising display for mall

Item No.: SYHW320

Basic functions
Release software Free information release software permanent use rights
Arbitrary split screen The program screen supports visual multi-area editing, which can be divided into different screens, and can be scaled and moved to any area. It can set program attributes such as broadcast length and priority. Multiple programs can be released to the terminal at the same time. The terminal plays according to the priority of the program and the playing time;
Play mode Support multi-scene loop, timing, offline, priority designated playback within the program;
Play content Text, pictures, animations, web pages, weather, news, documents, PDF, video, audio, etc .;
Video playback Supports AVI (H.264, DIVX, DIVX, XVID), rm, rmvb, MKV (H.264, DIVX, DIVX, XVID), WMV, MOV, MP4 (.H.264, MPEG, DIVX, XVID), DAT (VCD format), VOB (DVD format), PMP, MPEG, .MPG ,, FLV (H.263, H.264), ASF, TS, TP, 3GP, MPG and more than 30 formats;
Music player MP3, WMA, MP2, OGG, AAC, M4A, MA4, FLAC, APE, 3GP, WAV format audio playback, support song list function;
Remote management Hierarchical partition management can be performed on the player, and the number of partition levels is unlimited. Can perform remote log query and screen viewing on the player, which can promptly detect possible player failures or network abnormalities. Able to remotely wake up the player, power on, restart, shut down, mute, time, etc., remotely set the timing of the player to switch on and off, etc .;
authority management The system has a strict user rights management mechanism, which can be limited to each functional module, the terminal to which the user belongs can be arbitrarily assigned, and the same terminal can be managed by multiple users at the same time;
Central Information Management The system adopts B / S architecture, and the management personnel can access the program production and editing system only through the WEB page;
Scrolling subtitles Supports rolling subtitle release, and can broadcast multiple rolling subtitles at the same time. The font, size, color, background, and other attributes of the marquee can be flexibly set;
network platform The system supports LAN, Internet, private network, ADSL, 3G, wifi;
Terminal monitoring Real-time viewing of the network connection status and power on / off status of each terminal can monitor the real-time status of the terminal's downloaded program files; monitor the execution status of the terminal after each instruction is issued, and monitor the real-time playback screen of the terminal; ensure the stability of terminal operation ;
Remote management upgrade It can remotely perform daily maintenance and system upgrade of the terminal, and can remotely set the volume of the terminal;
Terminal cleanup function The system supports the intelligent cleaning function, which can automatically clean up the files that are no longer used, or manually clear the storage contents;
Stand-alone function Support direct import of produced programs to memory card for playback under network abnormality;
http Support timed download and download breakpoint resume, and bandwidth control for each terminal;
Remote on demand You can select a program to play through the remote control;
Query Interactive Function The interactive program can be produced through the software background to realize the inquiry function. The docking touch system can be set to click the screen to immediately call the touch system, and automatically return to the normal multimedia playback system after an interval;
Statistics function Log statistics for all user operations, statistics of all programs and scenes, pictures, and video playback times in a certain period of time, and statistics of terminal online duration;
Load distribution Support multi-server distribution management mechanism for future system expansion;
Scalability Free download of more than 20,000 excellent software on the Android market;

Other functions
Picture browsing Support various picture format browsing / slideshow such as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, etc., up to 4096 * 4096 resolution;
Text reading support TXT, PDF, HTML, HTM, CHM, UMD, running subtitles;

Structure Installation method Floor vertical screen
  Appearance color black
  Material The whole machine shell adopts 1.5MM galvanized sheet, the surface is sprayed with outdoor powder
  Glass 6 mm ultra-white tempered glass
  Waterproof Three-layer composite sealing tape
  Anti-theft Three-level door lock protection, hidden screw design
  Dust-proof internal filter unit
  Anti-rust and anti-corrosion high-strength galvanized steel sheet, outdoor powder surface treatment
  Shell technology number of punches + bending + welding + polishing + baking paint
  Protection class IP65
LCD screen Display ratio 16:09
  Viewing angle 178/178/178/178
  Response time 5ms
  Brightness  1500cd / m2
  Color 16.7 M
Configuration CPU RK-3188 A17 chip Quad-core CPU
  Main frequency 1.8GHz
  Network support Ethernet, WiFi
  Operating system Android 4.2 and above. (Support upgrade)
Basic interface USB2.0 interface × 2
  VGA output × 1
  HDMI output (optional) × 1
  AV input × 4
  Audio output Amplifier output. Can directly drive 2 * 5W / 8Ω speakers
  SD card  1 standard SD card slot supports up to 32GB
  MicroPhone × 1

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